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Infographic charts the ultimate list of superhero lairs

ultimate list of superhero lairs

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Sometimes it seems the work of the greatest comic book artists will never go out of fashion. Featured in some of the best 3D movies of the past few years, the likes of Batman, Spider-Man and Thor have gained a new lease of life after taking hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office.

The team at Terry's Blinds have created this fun and inspiring infographic that charts every superhero lair; from the geeky bedroom to the bachelor's pad, the illustrations highlight everything you need to deck out your room to match your favourite hero.

Whilst it'd be pretty difficult to re-create Batman's cave in your own home, the infographic is a fun look at the variety of environments your favourite superheroes reside in. So, will you prefer the icy backdrop of Superman or the grand halls of the X-Men?

Which superhero lair is your favourite? Let us know in the comments box below!

Sammy Maine

Sammy Maine was a founding member of the Creative Bloq team, working as a Commissioning Editor. Her interests cover graphic design in music and film, illustration and animation. Since departing, Sammy has written for The Guardian, VICE, The Independent & Metro, and currently co-edits the quarterly music journal Gold Flake Paint.