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Bus-Tops: LED art for top deck travellers

The Bus-Tops are specially adapted bus shelters spread across 20 London boroughs with monochromatic red LED screens on each roof - each one of which is being used to display a surprisingly diverse range of public art.

Anyone from anywhere is the world is welcome to submit ideas for what can be displayed on the Bus-Tops - all you have to do is register at the Bus-Tops website, create and then submit your design. So far over 420 have been submitted for display on the 30 Bus-Tops in London.

Bus-Tops: LED art for top desk travellers - Forest stop

Bus-Tops: LED art for top desk travellers - Forest stop

Groovin' in the bus lane

There are also eight bus routes in London with more than one Bus-Top along its length, making them more than worth the return journey. They are:

  • Route 210 Westbound - Woodstock, Langland, Almington
  • Route 113 Westbound - Broadfields, Southfields, Langland
  • Route 688 Eastbound - Brides, Cowbridge, Kingsbury
  • Route 76 Eastbound - Lealand, Forest, Baring
  • Route 149 Eastbound - Lealand, Forest, Drysdale
  • Route 243 Eastbound - Lealand, Forest, Drysdale
  • Route 472 Eastbound - Boughton, Curlew
  • Route 4 Eastbound - Junction, Goswell

Part of the Cultural Olympiad, the Bus-Tops project is being supported by London Buses, ArtsAward and Arts Council England. The public displays are expected to run until September 2012.

For more images, see the Bus-Tops group on Flickr.