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CA Inspiration - 06 October

Today’s collection of inspiration contains more than a hint of Steve Jobs. How could it not? Looking out from my desk across the office it’s Mac as far as the eye can see. Computer Arts is made on Macs out of content mostly written on Macs about things that you can pretty much guarantee are being created on Macs.

The creative industry has become almost synonymous with the Mac, and the Mac has become synonymous with great design. Beyond the Mac you’ll find iPhones on most of our desks, not to mention the odd iPad. Who really wanted a tablet computer before the iPad came along?

That’s what was so brilliant about Steve Jobs. He was a proper visionary who excelled in giving us amazing new things that we never even realised we wanted. Thanks for everything, Steve.

The Crazy Ones - via Simon Banyard

Marin Martinovic - Silver Surfer poster

Marin Martinovic - Silver Surfer poster

Andreas Leonidou - Alt Hiroshi Typeface

Andreas Leonidou - Alt Hiroshi Typeface

Kate Copeland - Daily

Kate Copeland - Daily

ManvsMachine - BT Vision Rebrand - via barney87

Apple - 1984

Annita Maslov

Annita Maslov - Via Cat Neligan

Punga - Fox Retro - via Oliver Sin

Steve Jobs - Stanford Commencement Address

Abe Viljoen - Iron Animals - via Given Collective

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

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