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CA Inspiration - 8 November

Lots of video today; I'm not sure why. Plus I've had both Andy Martin and Per Gustafsson recommending the same bonkers video. Also ace scary filmmaker Matt Lambert has been showing up in the Twitter stream today, recommending things. I've included one of his films at the end; you might want to skip it if you're work. Depending on where you work. Let's have more pictures tomorrow - send stuff via Twitter, or just click this and paste in your link.

Sebastin Andaur - Element

Sebastin Andaur - Element

Radical Friend - Ambling Alp by Yeasayer - via Matt Lambert

Daylight - Daylight/Nightlight Poster

Daylight - Daylight/Nightlight Poster - via Matt Booth

David O'Reilly - Story of Genki??? - via Andy Martin and Per Gustafsson

JimJam Graphics - Calculate by Amon Tobin - via KidVector - CCTV Ink - via Oliver Sin

Oli Frape - If John Wayne was a modern day coffee shop owner

Oli Frape - If John Wayne was a modern day coffee shop owner

Matthew Young - Is That A Fish In Your Ear?

Matt Lambert - Fickmaschinen (Warning - NSFW)

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