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Create a retro logo

Your logo can be much more than just a corporate badge. After all, if you're a design business, it ought to reflect the 'design' part as much as the 'business' part. Here we'll create a new twist on the classic 70s Blaxploitation illustration-based logo.

In the 70s there was a huge wave of Blaxploitation movies such as Shaft, Superfly and the original Foxy Brown. Like the films themselves and their soundtracks, the posters were funky, fresh and very original. Mainly illustration based, they featured a cool mix of funky type juxtaposed with elements from the film's plot, all layered up in varying perspectives and angles to create a rich tapestry that told the story. See some examples at

The logo created in this tutorial is loosely based on the style of these Blaxploitation posters, but with a simpler and more contemporary feel.

Click here to download the tutorial for free