Create your own graffiti fonts

Most of us walk, cycle or drive past graffiti for most of our lives, often without even being aware of the tags, outlines and pieces in our urban environment. Graffiti is strategically placed on buildings and billboards that are impossible to overlook, or in obscure spots that are like little treasures when discovered.

As the graffiti movement inspired by 1970s New York has spread across the world, each city or region has developed a distinct style, providing plenty of inspiration for the observant designer. In this tutorial, we're going to use some of these ideas to create a graffiti font.

If you already have a graffiti style of your own or know a graffiti writer who can produce some lettering for you, then the work will be easy to convert into a font. If you are less familiar with graffiti, grab your camera and get outside. Take pictures of graffiti letters, tags, throwups - whatever pieces you find that capture your attention - and begin to practise the different styles by hand until you find one you are pleased with. In doing so, you'll quickly realise the close relationship graffiti shares with typography and graphic design.

If you are itching to make your own graffiti font and do not have the time to create your own, there's a hand-styled design in the support files so you can get started. To complete this tutorial successfully, you must be competent in Fontographer, Photoshop and Illustrator CS2.

Click here to download the support files ( 48MB)

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Free ready-made graffiti fonts from our sister site Creative Bloq