Font design: 17 top tips to create your own typeface

Font design: a man designing typography
(Image credit: Cecilie Arcurs via Getty)

Font design is an area of great interest for many designers and illustrators. The right font can be crucial in all kinds of creative work, from branding to individual graphic design projects, and it makes sense that you may wan to create your own typeface for something completely unique.

If you're a designer or illustrator who's new to font design, you'll need to understand certain practicalities, including what software to use and what elements to consider. It's often worth enrolling in a short type design course, either locally or online, but if that's not possible, the tips below should help set you on the right path to creating your own font designs.

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Jamie Clarke

Jamie Clarke is a Type Designer and Lettering Artist, expertly bridging both fields. Since refining his skills at Reading University in 2013, Jamie has created a growing collection of contemporary typefaces. He unveiled his first font, Brim Narrow, in 2015, followed by his award-winning 3D font, Rig Solid, which became part of Canva’s library in 2018. His lettering projects are known for blending words and imagery to create meticulously crafted illustrations. Notable examples of his work include branding for Kelmscott Bakery and his cover design for The Woman in Black.