Exciting new illustration project needs your help

Want to rub creative shoulders with the likes of Jean Jullien, Stanley Chow and Grace Wilson on an exciting new project?

The team behind UK street press comic OFF Life and One Thing I Know have launched Yellow, a year-long project that will see 52 artists illustrating their take on 52 weeks of news – and they need your help.

By allocating each artist a single week of news to illustrate, Yellow intends to chronicle an entire year from 52 unique perspectives, with no set political persuasion or style. Each Monday, a new piece will be posted weekly on the OFF Life website.

The entire collection will be published in a collectable book in December 2015, complete with essays from some of the world's leading writers and thinkers.

Call for contributors

Stanley Chow is to kick off the series with a post on 24 November, followed by Jean Jullien, Grace Wilson and Paul Davis, who are amongst the exciting roster of illustrators already signed up to the project.

But the creative brains behind Yellow want the project to feature as diverse a selection of artists as possible – so here's where you come in.

If you're a talented artist or illustrator and would like to contribute to Yellow, contact Daniel Humphry and Steve Leard at: info@offlife.co.uk

Jean Jullien for Eurostar. The leading illustrator is one of a number of high-profile illustrators involved with Yellow is 20 years old and celebrating with a big campaign

The benefits? "The opportunity to appear in a series with some of the world's best illustrators is one of the draws, and no doubt a slice of eventual book sales is another," reflects Humphry.

"But hopefully the chance to share your own analysis of news and current affairs to a large audience will be as much of a draw."

Breaking down barriers

"We have a briefing and design document ready to go, with all rights and payments laid out in black and white," he continues. "While we don't claim journalistic credibility, not all journalism that's already available is credible. Yellow gives artists the platform to present the news as they see fair."

"Illustration is an amazing medium for communicating ideas in a way that breaks down barriers," Humphry adds. "We hope that eventually the collected book will encourage readers to reflect back on their own views of the last year and ask themselves what they took from it."