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Fotolia presents: Adhemas Batista

Once a month, Fotolia makes a PSD file created by one of the world's top digital artists available as a free download – it's part of a simple but brilliant project called TEN, currently in its second year.

Brazilian art director, illustrator and designer Adhemas Batista is next up. His impressive portfolio includes clients such as General Motors, Microsoft, Nike, Nokia, Pepsi, Puma and Volkswagen, to name just a few.

Batista's work is redolent of the colours and rhythms of Brazil, a mix of typography, illustration and images, taking its cues from the cultural history and diversity of his homeland.

“Looking for images on Fotolia, I found the photo of a girl, floating and posing like an X. She couldn’t have been more perfect, the X being the Roman figure for 10. Besides, the girl’s position suggests a graphic explosion behind her," Batista says.

"I inserted manga and comic references and mixed them all. This allowed me to create planar shapes, with volume and light. This work is a chaotic graphic explosion evoking the urban and youth culture, a kind of energetic rebellion, with bright colours and complex shapes.”

The first two files – by Gustavo Brigante and Soonguy Gwon – beat all records, totalling over 50,000. Batista's PSD is available free of charge, from 10am tomorrow (Thursday 8 March), for just 24 hours. An accompanying video – featuring subtitles in 12 languages – was shot in the artist’s native Brazil. Check it out below:

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