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Icons Times remixes the news

Computer Arts [CA]: What's the idea behind Icons Times?
Sylvan Boyer [SB]:
Major news websites offer complex information on an abundance of subjects – it's information overload; it confuses readers. Icons Times is a website inspired by signage that offers a clear message, simple and universal... It's a daily information icons website, maybe the internet’s first ever signage information website.

CA: How long does each icon take to make?
SB: Roughly 20 to 30 minutes. I have to be fast to follow news coverage. At the moment, Icons Times generates no profit. But if it becomes profitable, I could produce more and better icons to track the news.

CA: Some of the icons are quite controversial – the Oscar Pistorius one, in particular. What's the feedback been like so far?
SB: Some events are more difficult than others to illustrate. When topics are too delicate to illustrate, I don't do it. But the Oscar Pistorius case was significant news, so I had to illustrate it. It was difficult. I remembered the poster for Planet Terror by Robert Rodriguez, which was my inspiration. I expected to receive some mixed reactions on this icon, but for the moment I've had none.

CA: If you could create an icon for an news story from history, what would it be?
SB: The greatest event of all time: the Big Bang!

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