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Image of the day: Beroe Typface by Oskar Wimmerman

Computer Arts: Tell us about Beroe Typface ...
Oskar Wimmerman:
This was a part of my work samples made for Berghs School of Communication, and the brief was to launch and brand a space travel agency. The first designs I tried felt a little bit boring and obvious, probably because my only relation to space is through all the movies made.

CA: How did you put the piece together?
: In the brief there were no requirement to make a typeface, and I guess thats why I made it in like four days. When I thought of space I started to think about what there is on earth that is similar to space, and decided that the deep sea is the most similar I was also inspired by some old viking typefaces and electronic stuff, like circuit boards. So the typeface design became the benchmark for the whole graphic profile for the travel agency.

CA: How did you get into design?
I've always been into creating all sorts of stuff. On my spare time I like to produce music, marble paper and screen print patterns on fabric. I decided to get into graphic design when my friends and I (stash crew) started a few club projects in stockholm where I designed posters and beer tickets. I think all the stuff that I do besides graphic design and School inspires me and form my style.

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