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Image of the day: Cafe Kim by ARKVL

Computer Arts: Tell us about the project ...
ARKVL is a collaboration between two artists with different aesthetics combining them as one. The idea behind the work is human interaction. We spend a lot of time in our studios working solo on commercial projects. ARKVL has given us the opportunity to interact and play more, creating work with no restrictions.

CA: How do you put each piece together?
Each image is a different animal. Some effortlessly come to fruition; others take a lot of time. The work is comprised of a combination of hand-drawn elements, traditionally created textures and manipulated photography. We both use Photoshop. One difficulty we have is that we live in different states. So to creating paintings or prints involves a plane ticket. Digitally speaking, though, there's no issues. We're both comfortable with fast-pace deadlines and most images can be created overnight. Some even faster.

CA: How did you get into design?
We've both been artists for a long time. We both separately work with designers daily, on book covers, magazine covers, records, posters – pretty much anything that needs art, one of us, if not both, has most likely done it .

I'm not sure how to describe our style. I imagine depending on how you came into contact with it would dictate your opinion on what it is. We both tend to enjoy the ambiguity of that. Since we're both known individually for what we do, it's nice to be unknown and get back to making art just for the love of making art. Our influences are diverse, which is a big reason why we enjoy working together so much. Pop art, street art, nouveau realisme, punk rock, skate boarding, tattoos, and old comic books to name a few.

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