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Image of the day: James Tea Merchants by Kollor

Computer Arts: Tell us about the James Tea Merchants project ...
Erik Tencer:
James Tea Merchants is a combined tea store and deli located in the newly restored Market Hall in Lund. James offers a range of tea blends as well as other gourmet and delicatessen products. Our mission was to create something new and groundbreaking for Lund. We knew quickly what we were looking to acchieve, but the path offered many surprises. Most, however, were good ones.

CA: How did you put the project together?
Most of this project was quite challenging. Since the logo is drawn by hand on paper, we had to put a lot of effort into getting all the angles perfect. Without a doubt, this was the most time consuming stage in the work process. We worked mainly in Adobe Illustrator and Indesign. We prefer those programmes for most of our projects.

CA: How did Kollor come together?
: Everyone of us in the office is a design maniac. We live design, all day long, and have done so for many years. We all come from different backgrounds. Some of us studied design, while others are self-taught. The most important thing, for us, is that we are constantly evolving with the help of our clients, our projects, family and friends. We draw inspiration and get new ideas everywhere. It's not always obvious where it comes from. The fact that we live in a very design-recognised country facilitates our daily work tremendously.

Check out more Kollor on its website, on Twitter and on Facebook. You can also find out more about James Tea Merchants here.

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