Image of the day: Schinko by MOOI

Computer Arts: Tell us about the project ...
Letitia Lehner:
Schinko is one of our longterm clients and, at the moment, they are acquiring new clients in Germany and Switzerland – it and its client-base are in Austria. The brief was to develop a mailing, consisting of six parts, each showcasing an interesting project they developed and telling different facts about the company and its specialisation.

We decided to design six sets of postcards, each with five cards, all assembled in a metal-like case, hinting what material Schinko uses and what they design and build. The postcards show the company logo, company photo, a rendering of their custom build cases, client features and a contact card. All post-cards show a playful approach with the company logo.

CA: How did you put the project together?
We use Adobe Creative Suite 6 for all our work. Our creative process is very different from project to project and client to client. In this particular case we first brainstormed different forms and possibilities for interesting and suitable mailing forms. We didn't want to make a typical advertorial send-out but something playful, something to keep.

The postcard format seemed like the perfect sized medium: not too expensive, light in weight, compact. The next step was to get all the content ready: photos, renderings, if no good photo material was to hand, and get the copy written by one of our writers. Parallel to this, we started designing the postcards, selecting suitable papers and material and talking to the printers about the ideal approach. After final client feedback, they were produced and the first postcard set send out. So far, the feedback is good but time will show how effective the idea really is and if it will bring the success and clients they hoped for.

CA: How did you get into design?
I grew up with a strong interest in fine art and technology. So I decided to study media technology and design. Surprisingly, I got hooked on design and started to look for a company where I could develop my skills and learn rhe craft. I found Graphical House (opens in new tab) in Scotland and worked and learned there for almost two years. One of the best design companies!

After that I came back to Austria, went to art university for my master's, met Julian and we started our company MOOI (opens in new tab). We function really well as a team as we both don't have a strong style, but try to find a good, creative solution for every client and brief, trying new materials, finishing methods, challenging ourself, and the Austrian printers, and not limiting ourself to a certain style. We are both still young and in a phase of exploring: style will come with time and will be defined by others. In general I would describe our style as clean, minimal, structured.

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