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Get the junior designer survival guide with the new CA

Computer Arts 255: junior designers

Get the junior designer survival guide with Computer Arts 255

Whether you start as an intern or are lucky enough to bag a full- time entry-level job, getting your foot in the door of an agency as a junior designer is a well-trodden path into the creative industries.

That's why the new issue of Computer Arts, 255, is packed with all the practical advice you need to land that all-important first job, as well as how to impress and climb through the studio ranks once you've done so.

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Computer Arts 255: interview

Perfect your interview techniques and win your dream job

It's a topic also touched on in this month's video documentary, in which Shoreditch-based branding agency SomeOne opens its doors. There, interns and juniors alike are given a baptism of fire, and are better designers for it.

As well as sharing tricks for surviving a baptism of fire, SomeOne reveals how to build a coherent brand world, five ingredients of a killer idea and more in issue 255.

Elsewhere in the issue, Adrian Shaughnessy investigates designers' enduring passion for the craft of book design – including an inspiring showcase of standout examples – and discusses how to engage readers with in print in the online age.

Plus: find out how to nail your next interview and win your dream job, with CA's guide to interview techniques.

Also inside CA issue 255

Computer Arts 255: Stephen Kelleher

Stephen Kelleher explains why he swapped animation for self-portraiture
  • Six leading designers reveal the biggest mistakes they made in their first jobs and explain how to avoid them
  • Illustrate for new markets: how Janine Rewell applied her creative talents to a South Korean shopping mall
  • Create a killer title sequence: behind the scenes on this year's stunning OFFF titles
  • How Dutch artist Levi van Veluw is exploiting the depth and drama of a darkness blacker than black
  • Glug's Ian Hambleton and Malin Persson explain why they need you to help grow the meet-up
  • DesignStudio's James Hurst reveals how to avoid succumbing to brand backlash
  • How freelance designer Stephen Kelleher used a life-threatening illness as a springboard into a new field: self-portraiture
  • All the best new graphic design, illustration and motion graphics work
  • And much, much more

Computer Arts 255: showcase

The best new graphic design, illustration and motion graphics work

Computer Arts 255: the future of book design

Why is book design the ground zero of graphic design?

Computer Arts 255: SomeOne

London design studio SomeOne opens its doors

Computer Arts 255: serious design

Why it's time for design to get serious

Computer Arts 255: survival guide

The definitive junior designer survival guide

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