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Make a plush toy

Right now, there is a general trend towards using craft methods to create unique objects rather than relying on the power of the processor. In the following tutorial, we show you the practical process of making a plush toy that's full of character.

We begin at the drawing board and then recreate our character design as digital artwork in Illustrator. From here, we turn the vector artwork into patterns which you can cut out for making your fabric character. Finally, we show you how to go about taking these flat guides into the world of practical craft and sewing them together to make a three-dimensional figure.

We hope these tips will give you the confidence to turn what could be seen as a daunting task into a fun activity that is achievable at home. Use this tutorial as a starting point to come up with your own designs, creating plush characters with their own unique features, gestures and style. The results can be extremely effective.

Click here to download the support files (406KB)

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