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My design classic

Welcome to the museum of ideas other people have already had. I know, I know, those who ignore the past are condemned to repeat it, but Shirley isn’t the medium the massage?

I don’t understand the desire to cordon off design, to categorise it or to honour it with hails and Hosannas beyond the purpose for which it was created. I prefer to think outside the box full of design classics. I’m interested in the potential of what’s left, unpolluted, outside.

Yes, I get a buzz out of stuff that tickles my fancy, but there’s no hierarchy of influence – no need to interrupt the flux and flow of the potential of everything, by casting names in stone.

I hope what I like today will change with the weather tomorrow… Don’t dabble in absolutes: I don’t want Best Ofs – I want to hear the B-sides; see behind the curtain. I want to know what makes people tick. I want to know ‘why’ – and I want to feed that into an ever expanding Anderson-tartan of cool shit bouncing around in my head.

I don’t want Design Classics, I want it all – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly. Throw a spanner in my works and see what you find…

The Guerrilla Art Action Group and the idea of (his majesty) King Mob’s design born of flaming-words, truth born of arguments. Fluxus or bust / Dadaists / The Trigan Empire / Burney’s British Rail and The Pre-New / Hasegawa and Kobayashi’s Trademarks & Logotypes in Japan 82-83 versus The Swiss flag / the sound of Fast Product and fast history / Brody and Barnes’ Kirk-ish Micro-Phonies / ‘everything’, bubbles dipped in Pedro Bell’s super-derailed/detailed funkadelia (yes, you do) / John F. Power-ed Crush Collisionism feeding off Meddings, McLuhan, Marber, Moore, Miles and The Mayakovsky/Rodchenko advertising constructor.

A ceremonial fly-past eyes right to Robin Fior / David King’s futuretro-constructivist ur-political ANL ‘NF=[Swastika]’ tossing the digestive with Rod Clarke’s proto / post swiss / punk, Unit Editions’ OO-AAH TDR™ and the monkey that guards it, Dreams Come True, Television all day every day NOT war, Call Down The Thunder™ etc.

It’s all just Atoms Vectors Pixels Ghosts™ just like tDR’s new show. Aim Low + M_ss… Just give me a blank sheet of paper and all the options that go with it.