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Print design for the web

Most designers are confident working on print design, and happily spend their days crafting beautiful designs. But if you're wary of getting your hands dirty with code, I'll show how you can use the same principles that you're familiar with to build a fantastic site.

Alternatively, you may be an XHTML/CSS junkie building fantastically functional sites, but lack understanding of the design process. Here I'll attempt to merge the two disciplines and allow each one to influence the other. The meeting point in the middle is where the magic - and your appreciation of it - really happens. I'll get you there via some touches of beautiful design and neat, semantic, standards-aware code.

I'll also guide you through a well-structured grid system - just like in print design - and explore some of the different column widths it enables. I'll align text to the baseline grid and add subtle image treatments to bring interest to the page. Follow along with the files and you'll see a plain HTML document transformed into an actual design with the neatest and most minimal bits of CSS.

Click here to download the support files (9.13MB)

Click here to download the tutorial for free

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