Top 20 Design Tweeters

So, you got yourself onto Twitter and you've already followed Stephen Fry, as many of your friends as you can think of and both Computer Arts and Computer Arts Projects (although have you followed every single member of the Computer Arts collective? Thought not). Who to add to your own Twitter gang next?

Obviously it should be some of our favourite names from the world of design. We've had a good old look around Twitter and come up with our design top 20, ordered by number of followers. Of course, if you're familiar with Twitter then you'll know that follower count is absolutely no indication of whether someone is worth following, so we've also included a random tweet from everyone in the list so you'll have an idea of the sort of thing that'll start turning up in your feed once you start following them.


Siggi Eggertsson

20: Siggi Eggertsson

The man behind the cover of Computer Arts 157 is a chap of few words, but he's very good at keeping us updated about his location. Currently in Munich after a trip to Venice.

Random tweet: Non nobis Domine, non nobis; sed Nomini tuo da gloriam


Sam Gilbey

19: Sam Gilbey

A regular in the pages of Computer Arts, Sam also came up with the design for the CA Myspace page. Plenty of reading on his Twitter; he's not really enjoying the hot weather at the moment.

Random tweet: Getting all nostalgic about side-scrolling beat-em-ups. Shadow Warriors was my fave, but also loved Target Renegade on Speccy.


Rex Crowle

18: Rex Crowle

Another CA regular, Rex's most recent triumph has been his visual and motion contribution to LittleBigPlanet on the PS3.

Random tweet: discovered a new door in the office



17: McFaul

Team McFaul are currently teasing us with irregular references to Big Daddy, which probably has nothing to do with wrestling. What's it all about? Follow them to hopefully find out.

Random tweet: Either John has shrunk or his expensive selvedge WESC jeans have grown


Ben and Fi O'Brien

16: Ben and Fi O'Brien

One doesn't simply follow Ben "Ben The Illustrator" O'Brien; you get a free Fi O'Brien as part of the deal. Now that's what we call good value.

Random tweet: get on with some work ben, you have to draw some campervans.


Jeffrey Bowman

15: Jeffrey Bowman

Another Computer Arts cover star; Jeffrey was responsible for the cover of CA160 back in his Studio Output days. Follow him to find out about his new project, The Wizard's Hat.

Random tweet: its getting way to serious here, ive just bought a ring binder and plastic wallets! coming soon some tray action for invoices!


Matt Booth

14: Matt Booth

The high priest of the Flash Temple, Matt Booth has recently been working on a tutorial for Computer Arts and was delighted to discover he had 15 rather than 10 steps to work with. It'll be on sale at the end of July.

Random tweet: What a day. I need to make sure I burn the right hand side of my face and neck today, just to balance it out.


Matt W. Moore

13: Matt W. Moore

The daddy of Vectorfunk, previously seen on the cover of Computer Arts Projects issue 122. He's recently been combining skateboarding with a dangerous-sounding beverage called Cacha§a.

Random tweet: This series of paintings is next-level. A true convergence of styles & disciplines I've explored in the past 10 years. Really excited.


Wyld Stallyons

12: Wyld Stallyons

For those of you still missing PixelSurgeon, the Wyld Stallyons Twitter might help you get over it; plenty of PixelSurgeon-style links for the following thereof. And of course, CA regular Jason Arber.

Random tweet: I have no time or patience for people who keep their tomato ketchup in the fridge. Stone cold ketchup on chips? Are you MAD?


Tom Muller

11: Tom Muller

A very busy Eisner-nominated designer who doesn't seem to have received much CA attention, although he featured in a recent issue of our sister mag, .net.

Random tweet: Not sure why I'm reposting this, but anyway€¦: if in doubt, use Impact. not helvetica.


Brendan Dawes

10: Brendan Dawes

We were recently on the receiving end of some well-deserved ire from Brendan, but we're all the best of friends again now. His Twitter's a great source of interesting stuff, unsurprisingly. OpenGL in Processing? Nice.

Random tweet: Right now the Rhodes is rockin the march of the goober woobers.


Chuck Anderson

9: Chuck Anderson

Mr NoPattern, of course, did the cover of Computer Arts Projects 117, and he also seems to have recently hurt his back as well as getting a new tattoo.

Random tweet: Subject:Oprah Winfrey Show wants to be friends on MySpace! Please let this be real.Could be my big break


Gavin Strange

8: Gavin Strange

As well as working at Aardman by day and being JamFactory and part of the Xynthetic collective at night, Gavin still finds time for plenty of Twittering. And cycling.

Random tweet: This morning I concluded that Constitution Hill is scarier to ride down than Clifton Vale. True fact.


Paul Neave

7: Paul Neave

A leading Flash experimentalist and the brain behind, Paul Neave is also great at finding excellent stuff to look at online.

Random tweet: Aw, I can hear an ice cream van! Reminds me of my childhood and those happy hours locked inside the refrigerator.


Jon Burgerman

6: Jon Burgerman

It's Jon Burgerman!

Random tweet: It's been so long since I had an Earl Grey tea. Inside my tummy does a little cry.


Kate Moross

5: Kate Moross

Kate was somewhat taken aback a few months back to be singled out for particular attention in an NME piece on cool people to follow on Twitter. Hope she doesn't mind this mention. And yes, she did the cover of CA158.

Random tweet: Any one know how to open windows that are painted shut?


Joshua Davis

4: Joshua Davis

Things we've learned from Joshua Davis' Twitter: he has a fascinating-looking art app heading to the iPhone any day now, and he totally loves Mike Patton. Nothing wrong with that.

Random tweet: Driving right now to lotus fireworks in Hershey Pennsylvania to buy Fourth of July goodies.


Elliot Jay Stocks

3: Elliot Jay Stocks

We never realised Elliot was quite so prolific. We also never realised that he was quite so into his Belgian beer.

Random tweet: Shopping on the Tesco website is one usability fail after another.


Jim Coudal

2: Jim Coudal

If you're a fan of Coudal Partners' Layer Tennis, Jim Coudal is the man to follow; his Twitter feed's packed with Layer Tennis updates, as well as other Coudal news.

Random tweet: I am surrounded by beautiful women, more than thirty of them. Going to bed.


Big Spaceship

1: Big Spaceship

The content comes in fits and starts but there's always something interesting coming out of the Big Spaceship Twitter, straight from the typing fingers of founder and CEO Michael Lebowitz.

Random tweet: we're the 3rd result for 'spaceship' after wikipedia and nasa: (and we're 2nd in Bing)

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