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Turn your skills from print to digital

Launch A Website is a 228-page guide for non-techies that walks you through the whole process of building a website from start to finish – and includes tips and advice on researching your audience, designing your site and, of course, getting seen on Google.

Written by industry experts, Launch A Website is broken up into 12 different sections, each with its own introductory chapter that explains the jargon and concepts for each in non-technical language anyone can understand. The 12 sections are:

  1. How sites are built
  2. User research
  3. Planning
  4. Project management
  5. Visual branding
  6. Layout & graphics
  7. Text & typography
  8. SEO
  9. User experience
  10. Accessibility
  11. Testing
  12. Hosting

Launch A Website is available at all good UK bookstores from today, Thursday 5 July 2012 for £14.99. You can also pick up a copy online on the My Favourite Magazines website.