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12 creative resources to bookmark now

As content editor of image-sourcing platform ImageBrief, Avril Delaney spends a lot of her time scouring the web for creative content. Here she reveals 12 top resources that are sure to get your creative juices flowing...

01. Niice

Pulling images from solid favourites like Designspiration, Typographie and Design Clever, not only is Niice a great visual inspiration and idea generation tool, it also allows you to also create moodboards on site.

Find a slick image on a random site? This bad boy puts the power in your hands to find photography that's similar and also commercially available. Download the Reverse Image Search Chrome Extension and just right click on any image anywhere on the web and find similar results ready to license and buy. Beyond handy. Grab the Chrome Extension here.

03. Graphilately

Stamps have a rep for being boring, but these stamps are anything but. For off-beat colour palettes and Wes Anderson-like levels of attention to detail, have a scroll through the carefully curated collection of exquisitely-designed stamps on the Graphilately Instagram account.

04. The Casual Optimist

Though there is a primary focus on book cover designs, any creative will relish The Casual Optimist. From doodles to book covers, to neon signs and covering trends, designer spotlights and 'Inside the Studio' features, The Casual Optimist is full to the brim of inspiration sparks.


I don't know if a more beautiful, and slicker, collection of website design exists. It's premise is simple — it "curates a show-case of shit-hot web design" with a less-is-more focus.

06. Visuelle

Simple, pared back showcase of design, curated by David Bennett. Visuelle is a go-to for brand identity, type or package design inspo.

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