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The cheapest PS4 deals: PS4 console discounts, PS4 bundle deals and more

PS4 deals
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The best PS4 deals

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Now is one of the best times to grab the best PS4 deals. With the PS5 being released on 12 November 2020, both the PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro and all PS4 bundle deals have experienced a dip in price. As super-fans of the console series look to fork out big for the new, fifth edition, the asking price for the PS4 (which is actually the PS4 Slim, but more on that later), has naturally fallen, meaning there are some great deals to get.

When we talk about the best PS4 deals, we're in fact talking about the best PS4 Slim deals, as the original, bulkier PS4, released 13 November 2013, was phased out by the smaller, quieter and quicker version in 2016. Then there's the even faster PS4 Pro with its higher specs to consider. But which one is the best for you? On this page we've broken down the merits of each console type, and set out the very best deals that you can get online right now. 

The bottom line is, if you don't want to spend $499.99 / £449 for the new PS5, and would rather spend around $250 / £250 instead, then a PS4 deal is the way to go. Add to that the immense range of games that are on offer for PS4 (which are also going for cheaper than ever), plus the 4K HDR gaming and TV and film content viewing for the PS4 Pro, there are plenty reasons to make the most of the current slew of PS4 deals. 

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The best PS4 deals available now

PS4 deal

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Here are the very best deals on both the 500GB and the 1TB PS4, all around the world. But remember, there are bundle deals lower in the page that will add one to three games for either a lot less of the cost of the games, or totally free!

The best PS4 Pro deals available now

Ps4 Pro deals

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The PS4 Pro is the faster, more high-end version of the PS4, boasting 4K gameplay. You can of course also stream your favourite entertainment in 4K too. It's billed as double the power of the PS4, packing in twice the graphic card power of the original. And as many of the biggest games are PS4 Pro-enhanced, you'll get an experience that few others will. 

The best PS4 bundle deals available now

PS4 deals

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Many of the deals on this page include the console and then a free game. But these are the very best PS4 bundle deals that we actually found when scouring the best online retailers. 

Bundle deals in the US

Bundle deals in the UK

The best PS4 DualShock 4 deals

Every PS4 deal on this page will come with one DualShock 4 controller as standard. So if you want to get another for game night with your pals, here are the current best deals available. 

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