The best Nintendo Switch Lite price in November 2023

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Finding the best Nintendo Switch Lite prices can be a tricky ordeal when there's a wide array of retailers out there. The Switch Lite is the most travel-friendly and compact model in the Switch line and generally retails for around $199/£199 (which is around $100/£100 cheaper than the larger Switch consoles). 

The major downside of the Switch Lite, however, is that it doesn't feature detachable Joy-cons, so it cannot be played in TV mode or couch co-op with a friend or sibling. This makes it ideal for solo gamers, plus those looking for a more affordable handheld gaming option. We've found the very best deals and prices on the Switch Lite compact console, using our clever deals widgets that update 24/7. 

Want to know why we love this console so much? Check out our detailed Nintendo Switch Lite review. We also have definitive guides to the best Nintendo Switch Lite games and best Nintendo Switch accessories if you're looking to further step up your gaming set-up. For now, let's check out the best Nintendo Switch Lite deals. 

The best Nintendo Switch Lite prices

Product shots of various coloured Nintendo Switches on a colourful background

(Image credit: Future/Nintendo)

Nintendo Switch Lite

The most affordable Nintendo Switch.

Release year: 2019 | Dimensions: 91.1mm x 208mm x 13.9 | Weight: 275g | Resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels | Screen: 5.5-inch LCD touchscreen | Storage: 32GB, expandable with microSD cards

Portable playing
Great colour variation
Comfortable design
Only handheld games

The Nintendo Switch Lite was released in September 2019 as a more affordable and portable alternative to the bigger Nintendo Switch. The pocket-sized console was designed for gaming on the go, so you don't need a TV or monitor to use it nor can you does it feature detachable Joy-Cons, and that's a big reason why it's roughly $100/£100 cheaper than the Nintendo Switch.

The Lite comes in a range of fun colours, including turquoise, yellow, coral or grey. You can also find some special editions when stock is available, like the blue Switch Lite or the Pokemon Dialga & Palkia Edition. It's rare we see huge savings on Nintendo consoles outside of big retail sale events like Black Friday and Amazon Prime, so keep an eye on the below widgets to see the current best Nintendo Switch Lite deals.

Our live deals widget below will pull in the very best Nintendo Switch Lite prices and bundles available in your region, and from various retailers. It updates constantly – so you might want to keep this page bookmarked for when it's time to buy. 

Is the Nintendo Switch or the Nintendo Switch Lite better?

There are a few factors to consider when choosing which Nintendo Switch model to go for. The major difference between the normal Switch, the Switch OLED model, and the Switch Lite is that the Lite can only be played in handheld mode, and is a little on the smaller side. 

Everything else is virtually the same, although the OLED model has 64GB of internal storage and the other two models are equipped with only 32GB - but one of the best Nintendo Switch SD cards can be used on any of the consoles to expand your console storage with ease. 

The Switch Lite is designed to be portable and compact and therefore is one solid unit. The controllers cannot be removed and the console cannot be placed in a dock to be played on the TV. In comparison, the original Nintendo Switch (and OLED) has three modes thanks to the detachable Joy-Con controllers and can be played in handheld, tabletop or TV modes.

• Take a look at our breakdown of the Nintendo Switch vs. Switch Lite for a more in-depth analysis.

However, the Lite comes in a wider variation of funky colours and the smaller design means that it's even easier to carry around in your bag, making it perfect for solo gaming on the go and for travel. 

Can you play all Switch games on the Nintendo Switch Lite?

Due to the Switch Lite being one solid unit where you cannot detach the Joy-Cons, there are a select number of games you cannot play as they require the motion technology that separates Joy-Cons offer. 

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The Just Dance series, Nintendo Switch Sports, Super Mario Party, and 1-2-Switch are just a few of the movement-based games that are not fully supported on the Switch Lite. That's why it's important to always double-check before buying a game that it is playable on your specific console, but luckily most games released by Nintendo nowadays have handheld support to make sure you're not missing out!

Is the Nintendo Switch Lite worth buying?

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a fantastic option for those looking for solo gaming and playing on the go. Whilst the Switch Lite may not have detachable Joy-Cons, the online services mean you can still play multiplayer games with friends and family so you're not missing out. 

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