Two new colour tools to try today

Pretty IP generates a colour palette based on your IP address

When you're in the midst of your latest design, you could find that nailing the perfect colour scheme or seeking out that perfect colour proves pretty difficult. Thankfully, we've come across these two new colour tools that will help ease your colour-finding woes.

Both are based in the browser so there's no messing around with sign-up or downloads, just click the links to start them up.

Color lets you find the perfect colour by moving around your mouse - then gives you that all-important colour hex code

First off is Pretty IP, brought to you by design agency Strange, which creates a unique palette of complementary colours based on the numbers in your IP (Internet Protocol) address. Once you've tried it out on your home and office computers, give it a whirl each time you're connected to a new IP address (a great excuse to try that new coffee shop) and get a burst of colour palette inspiration each time you do so.

Secondly, Color by HailPixel is a handy little web app if you're a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to getting the colour just right. Hover your mouse anywhere across the screen to nail down your chosen colour, scroll to set your saturation, and the site will give you that all-important hex code for your projects. It's one of the easiest such tools we've ever used.

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Will you be using these two colour tools? Let us know if they help you with your work in the comments box below!