Behance portfolio of the week: Jimena Catalina

Jimena Catalina has worked in the field of web design and development since the year 2000. After spending several years working in both online advertising and UX and UI related projects, Catalina took the decision to specialise in visual design, with it being much closer to her personal interests.

As well as being a web designer, Catalina is also a very talented illustrator, her portfolio full of quirky, detailed designs. During her career, she has collaborated on projects with various high-profile brands, including Spanish bank BBVA and McDonald's Spain YouTube brand channel.

Catalina's portfolio is a full of inspiring work, covering various disciplines, including both web and graphic design and illustration. Here, we've selected five of our favourite projects, but head to Behance to check out a fuller selection of Jimena's imaginative and inspiring work.

01. Icons

Catalina puts her illustrative skills to good use when designing for the web

Not only a web designer, Catalina is also a talented illustrator and produced this, and many other, sets of icons for various digital projects, web pages and applications.

02. MAM-i de Sopalista

A collaborative project, Catalina helped develop this Mam-i iPhone app, which acts as a virtual mother, for the launch of White Hen Sopalista soup.

03. Recipe ebook

Catalina designed and developed every aspect of this recipe ebook

Catalina created this recipe ebook entirely alone, doing everything from the artwork and selection of recipes to the HTML formatting. And the hard work paid off - published last December, the ebook is an extremely popular choice on Amazon and the iBook store.

04. Just for fun

This is just one of Catalina's gorgeous character illustrations featured on her portfolio

As Catalina states on her Behance portfolio, she's not a professional illustrator. However, there's no denying her drawing skills when looking at the dedicated section of illustrations she has online, which she did just for fun.

05. Yummy recipes

When not working on commissioned projects, Catalina allows her creativity to flow into her personal work

When not working Catalina spends time on personal projects, such as this food blog, developed so her partner could write recipes and the designer herself was not held back by client restrictions in her designs for the site.

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