Guess the designer desktop!

Here's how it works: we've featured a selection of images of a mystery artist's desktop, accompanied by a set of clues. All you have to do is guess who it belongs to...

Clue 1: Stone table

"My desk is a stone table in the garden. It's a little low for my liking as I can't sit with my knees up - guess people were a little shorter when it was constructed."

Clue 2: Equipment

"My tools for keeping in touch with people and clients back home. You may have also seen this computer and drive make a cameo in a recent series I did..."

Clue 3: Forward planning

"I still sketch out and write my ideas down to develop them before pulling the camera out."

Clue 4: Peace and quiet

"Over here I prefer to work in the quiet but there is a certain wind that when it blows you hear the hum from the motorway a few miles away. So I listen to music quite often. Right now I'm turning into NPR's All Songs Considered 24/7 - very Italian I know!"

Clue 5: A good book

"I take many breaks to read and right now I'm hooked on the Game of Thrones books."

Clue 6: Special treats

"Towards the end of the day I like to treat myself to a little aperitif. Campari and soda is my absolute favourite."

Clue 7: Gorgeous surroundings

"My really rather lovely view out into the yard."

So, did you manage to guess the mystery designer?

Henry Hargreaves

Henry Hargreaves is a leading photographer who has worked with the likes of Sagmeister, Ralph Lauren, NY magazine and GQ.

Hargreaves comments on his desk..."So the reason I'm currently in Tuscany is my girlfriend works in textile production and she's been moved out here for a couple of months to work. So, we have uncamped from our little apartment in Brooklyn to something we could never have in New York - a wing in a 14th Century castle!

"I wanted to come out and try to take pictures. I don't shoot landscapes of fashion or anything that may make practical sense to do in this part of the world. I do more still life and strange food photography. But what interested me was if the change of environment would change the way I looked at my work and what I was doing. To be decided..."

You can read more about Henry Hargreaves and his work in this recent in-depth interview we did with the photographer.

Well done if you managed to work out this week's mystery designer. Make sure you check back next week for another desktop challenge!

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