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Guess the designer desktop!

Here's how it works: we've featured a selection of images of a mystery artist's desktop, accompanied by a set of clues. All you have to do is guess who it belongs to...

Clue 1: The barn

"I love my studio, it's idyllically placed in a redecorated barn out in the woods. I have the whole second floor to myself."

Clue 2: Beautiful view

"My studio has really big windows looking out on a great view. It's on top of a hill looking down to the town I was born and raised in."

Clue 3: Machinery

"I have a few printers and scanners. My favorite machine is the old Canon copier, it's almost out of ink and that makes for beautiful copies. I often use this machine to get that distinctive style on my illustrations."

Clue 4: Little helper

"Of course my daughter also has her own working space. I know it's not much, but she's not complaining. Yet."

Clue 5: Reading material

"Books are essential for me. Doing work with various styles makes it important for me to study and find the right reference before moving on to creating the design. I do work in graphic design but lately I've mainly been illustrating. Still, I own a lot more graphic design books than illustration ones."

Clue 6: Printing table

"Being a screen printing enthusiast, I bought the old screen printing table from my school in Oslo before moving back home. The table came with some fantastic printing history and reminds me of my study time. It's also very functional, the light table at the back is used on almost every project."

So, did you manage to guess the mystery designer?

Frode Skaren

Frode Skaren founded Uglylogo - a one-man visual communication studio based in Kvinesdal, Norway - in 2008. The studio offers graphic design and illustration services, with a special love and understanding for printed matter.

Uglylogo has done work for clients including Businessweek, ENO Music Magazine, Computer Arts, and By:Larm. His work has won international as well as national awards and has been featured in various magazines worldwide, including a cover for Creative Review.

Well done if you managed to guess this week's mystery artist. Make sure you check back next week for another desktop challenge!

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