40 inspiring examples of letterpress business cards

21. Ben Chen

letterpress business cards: Ben Chen

The gold foil brings these colourful cards to life

Taiwan-based designer Sion Hsu created these stunning business cards for the photographer, Ben Chen. Using textured card stock in a variety of colours, Sion's designed are enlivened by a letterpress process and gold foil.

22. Dane Holmquist

Letterpress business cards: Dane Holmquist

American artist Dane Holmquist created the illustration for these letterpress business cards himself

These detailed, beautiful letterpress business cards belong to illustrator and graphic designer Dane Holmquist. The talented artist created the intricate illustration himself, before enlisting the help of printers DSJ in Santa Monica, who helped bring his vision to life. Holmquist's mantra is: "If it has the potential to be cool, I will do my very best to make it so." And he's certainly achieved that with this gorgeous design.

23. Jee

Letterpress business cards: Jee

Johanna Ecker's gorgeous letterpress business cards double as a tiny notebook

Brand consultant Johanna Elisabeth Ecker wanted a business card that reflected both the quality of her work and her personality. Working alongside designer Kurt Glanzer, she developed these beautiful letterpress business cards, which double as a tiny notebook, including a personal handwritten message for the receiver and 15 more empty pages for them to use as they wish.

24. Bentply

Letterpress business cards: Bentply

One minute it's a business card, the next it's a Gerald Summers armchair. Cool, huh?

What you see here is one of the neat letterpress business cards for furniture shop Bentply in Marylebone, London that can be made into mini bent plywood chairs. The ingenious card design was created by art director, writer, and designer Richard C Evans and produced by Elegante Press in Lithuania. Just follow the instructions and the kiss-cut card can be folded into a miniature replica of the iconic 1934 plywood armchair designed by Gerald Summers.

25. Whitney Shaw

letterpress business cards: Whitney Shaw

We love the colours used on this letterpress business card

The colours really won us over with Whitney Shaw's letterpress business card. Incorporating a variety of fonts, as well as a playful illustration, this is a design that would surely be cherished by the receiver. The use of larger 'W's' also allow for Whitney's name to stick in the mind, while keeping the design aspects to a minimum.

26. Bryon Darby

letterpress business cards: Bryon Darby

The clean-cut, minimal approach works for this letterpress business card

Often, less is more when it comes to design. That's certainly the case for this letterpress business card for photographer Bryon Darby. With its minimal colour scheme and use of the letterpress to create a series of beautiful patterns, it's beautifully simple.

27. For Luca

letterpress business cards: For Luca

A lovely letterpress card for a worthy cause

When Luca was three years old he was struck down with Meningococcal Septicaemia, losing both of his legs along with muscle and skin below his hips. When his dad contacted Blush Publishing in North Wales for some business cards to help with Luca's fundraising campaign they fired up the presses and produced this delightful design. We love the bright blue typography placed on a simple, white backdrop. 

28. Amy Weibel

Letterpress business cards: Amy Weibel

The typography is simple but effective

Amy Weibel is an art director and designer with a passion for food, travel, technology and, of course, design. The typography treatment on each side is simple and effective, while the trim is bold and memorable.

29. Mei Yen Chua

Letterpress business cards: Mei Yen Chua

The card combines slab-serif and serif typefaces

A variety of techniques were used on this business card for Mei Yen Chua. The experimental techniques using overlays of ink works wonders. Each shape also been embossed into the card, combining slab-serif and serif typefaces. This is a confident and eye-catching card.

30. Meg Gleason

Letterpress business cards: Meg Gleason

We love the incorporation of natural images into this card

Moglea is a boutique letterpress stationery design studio created by Meg Gleason. She loves bold pops of colour, hand-lettered typography and intricate floral and geometric patterns. The letterpress studio is within a farmhouse in Western Iowa, and this influences her style, which often involves animals and nature.

31. Ninja star

letterpress business cards: Ninja star

A letterpress business card that will get 'the point' across

Now, here's a letterpress business card that'll catch a potential client's eye for all the right reasons. This design will certainly get your 'point' across (sorry!) Although it might not be the ideal shape and size to slip into your wallet, the letterpress design and carefully placed typography make it a must in this list.

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