50 inspiring examples of letterpress business cards

41. Nili Studios

letterpress business cards: Nili Studio

Print & Grain triumph again with this letterpress design for Nili Studios

Another addition from the guys at Print & Grain, this lovely-looking letterpress business card was designed for creative agency Nili Studios. The nautical-inspired theme is perfectly executed with the chosen soft blues as well as the waves and anchor logo. The easily-readable font is also a brilliant choice.

42. Druckerei Eisenhardt

letterpress business cards: Druckerei Eisenhardt

The bold choice in size, shape and typography make this business card stand out

A printing press that's been operating for over 42 years, Eisenhardt is a trusted German company offering the best in letterpress design. A family-run business, it works with both modern and traditional techniques in the centre of Frankfurt.

This letterpress business card design immediately caught our eye thanks to its bold choice in size, shape and typography. The orange-on-white colour scheme enables the font to stand out whilst the understated letterpress gives it the edge it needs.

43. Stu Horvath

Dolce Press showcase the intensity of one-colour printing

Dolce Press showcase the intensity of one-colour printing

Dolce Press is a boutique print shop and design studio located on the eastern end of Long Island. Specialising in letterpress, the design studio creates one-of-a-kind prints. This letterpress business card was printed on super-thick kraft stock in black ink, showcasing what can be accomplished with one-colour printing. The letterpress cards were finished off with black edge colouring and printed on a Chandler & Price 8x12.

44. Fizz Creative

Letterpress business cards: Fizz

These coasters complement Fizz Creative's 'Design straight up with a twist' motto perfectly

Graphic designers Jasen Melnick and Katie Major used letterpress printing to create these awesome retro-style coasters to promote their award-winning boutique studio Fizz Creative. Their letterpress business cards design perfectly complements the duo's motto, 'Design straight up with a twist'. Featuring two Pantone colours, and printed on thick, ivory white stock, these business cards won awards from the AIGA Cleveland Design Competition and from the HOW+Print Color in Design Competition.

45. Dare

Letterpress business cards: Dare

These letterpress-printed cards feature ASCII images of individual employees. We want some!

We love these innovative designs by creative agency Dare. The company describes itself as 'a merger of a traditional agency and digital shop', so it wanted letterpress business cards that also combine old with new. An ASCII image was automatically created using characters from employees' contact details. The company then chose to letterpress these images onto individual business cards in order to re-emphasise the idea of traditional techniques meeting digital.

46. Pablo Abad

Letterpress business cards: Pablo Abad

Pablo Abad created this sans-serif typeface specifically for this project

This beautiful letterpress business card was created by Madrid-based graphic designer and art director Pablo Abad. In a quest to create a new visual identity, Abad designed a bespoke geometric sans-serif typeface, gara. The clean yet edgy letterpress business card design makes it eye-catching but still easy to understand. Abad's love of illustration and typography is clear in this very personal project.

47. Shyama Golden

Letterpress business cards: Shyama Golden

Shyama 'Rhymes with Llama' – as in Shama-Llama, get it?

It's always an awkward moment when you can't pronounce someone's name or get it wrong. To ensure that never happens again, artist and designer Shyama Golden designed these funky letterpressed business cards with her catchphrase 'It rhymes with llama'. Printed on Cranes Lettra cotton paper, with 100 per cent hand-drawn type and a hand-drawn llama, these beauties are one-colour letterpress printing at its best.

48. Luke Lucas

Letterpress business cards: Luke Lucas

Luke Lucas's card uses specialist ink to make it glow in the dark. Ooooooooh!

After developing a new script-based logo, typographer and graphic designer Luke Lucas decided to update his business cards to show it off. Featuring his name on one side and his logo on the other, Lucas's card is no ordinary one. Printed on 600gsm Lettra cotton stock, this letterpress business cards design uses phosphorescent ink so that in regular light it appears as a simple debossing but when the lights dim, the logo glows bright green. Very cool.

49. Ovi Prunean

Letterpress business cards: James Prunean

James Prunean lovingly created these awesome business cards for his brother Ovi

As is often the case, simplicity can work wonders. A perfect example of this is these gorgeous letterpressed business cards created by graphic designer James Prunean for his brother, Ovi. Prunean used strong, bold colours that immediately catch your eye and at a first glance look very similar to Pantone colour cards. Printed on 220lb cotton paper, the soft yet strong impression has reportedly helped painter Ovi beat off a lot competition. And we can see why!

50. Jennifer Daniel

Letterpress business cards: Jennifer Daniel

Jennifer Daniel loves unicorns. Can you tell?

These quirky but cool letterpress business cards belong to Bloomberg Businessweek's graphic director Jennifer Daniel. An internationally recognised illustrator, designer and art director, Daniel is also a lover of unicorns. After having a hard time choosing from her designs, she decided to have three printed, each one as memorable as the next and featuring her RSI-inducing contact email along the bottom. We wonder whether she's got any unicorn grooming business off the back of them? 

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