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Watch Adobe Creative Week unfold live

Last week, we asked you whether a web designer should be a jack of all trades or a master of one. This week, you can discover what four of the country's leading developers have to say on the subject.

As part of its Creative Week celebrations, Adobe UK will be hosting a panel discussion on the same topic this Thursday, 12 July, featuring Alex Morris of Mark Boulton Design, Rob Borley of Headscape, Chris Jenkins of Tribal DDB and Adobe Web Evangelist Paul Trani.

Audience places are strictly limited, but you can watch events unfold on Adobe UK's live stream, or catch the day's other presentations, which include practical sessions on Adobe Proto and Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash CS6, plus a 'show and tell' from Matt Wicks of The Virtual Forge. We'll also be reporting on the highlights on the .net site.

But will the live event recapture the passion of our own Twitter debate, where Wapple's Ben Howdle threatened to run off and become a carpenter because no one retweeted him? If the panel matches that level of commitment, we'll eat a moderately large hat. Without ketchup.

Adobe Creative Week runs from 9-13 July, with other days devoted to business, design and publishing, film and video, and photography. You can check out the complete timeline here.