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Pay what you want for the Marketing Copywriter Bundle

You don't always recognize it, but one of the keys to selling you on something is the writing that accompanies it. You can learn how to become a copywriter and develop your craft with this five-course Marketing Copywriter Bundle – and pay what you want for it!

Copywriters are the unsung heroes of the web. Someone is behind all of the text that you read on any webpage or app. If you want to craft the perfect pitch for any project, you need this bundle. These courses will teach you how to find your voice, master the flair of writing, and learn how to turn your writing ability into a business.

The Marketing Copywriter Bundle usually retails for $285, but you can pick your own price for it now! Pay any amount to get the Facebook Marketing and Twitter Marketing courses, and beat the average to unlock all five. Hone your skills, and become a pro writer by grabbing this bundle today.