How to make an indie film on a budget

With platforms such as TikTok and Reels, and free tools such as CapCut and iMovie everyone who has a phone can now be a cinematographer. Even major companies in the industry such as Apple TV have been experimenting with creating media in formats optimised for mobile viewing. Once an experience only for the big silver screen, phones are now becoming a part of cinema.

Endless opportunities for self-expression and creativity mean filmmaking is an art form we’ve all had the urge to experiment with at some point or another. Spielberg told Sight and Sound in 2021 that he now only considers a film to be real cinema if it has had a minimum of a three-month theatre release window. But whatever your take on the increased accessibility of filmmaking, anyone can now make a short film, regardless of budget constraints (this free video editing software helps, too). The only equipment you need now is a creative mind.

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Mabel Wynne

Mabel is a freelance writer, artist and filmmaker. When she's not writing about the arts industry, books or culture, she's working on writing and illustrating her stories or developing experimental filmmaking projects. Working in journalism, poetry, documentary-filmmaking, illustration and fiction, storytelling is at the heart of what she does. She started writing articles in online magazines when she was seventeen. After training at the BFI Academy and then studying at UAL, she is now continuing to write articles while she works on creating and launching her first books and films.