40 web design freebies to make your life easier

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When it comes to learning web design, there’s nothing better than sitting back with a good book. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to invest in the physical printed edition. There are a ton of great books available online to read for free; here are some of our top picks.

31. A Guide to HTML5 and CSS3

Learn the basics of web development with this free book

Authored by technical writer, web developer and programmer Ashley Menhennett, this free book covers the basics of web development and it’s a good starting point whether you wish to build websites, HTML5 mobile apps or games.

32. Speaking JavaScript

This free book offers a way to learn JavaScript quickly and properly

This book has been written for programmers, by a programmer, one Dr. Axel Rauschmayer. It’s ideal for those who want to learn JavaScript quickly and properly, as well as JavaScript programmers who want to deepen their skills and/or look up specific topics.

33. Pocket Guide to Writing SVG

Get started with SVG by reading this free book

This guide provides designers and developers with the basic knowledge needed to get started with SVG. It will help you better understand its overall syntax and behaviour through clear examples, and quick descriptions of properties and attributes.

34. PHP: The right way

An easy-to-read reference for PHP coding standards

Written by Phil Sturgeon and Josh Lockhart, PHP: The Right Way is a regularly updated, easy-to-read, quick reference for popular PHP coding standards, links to authoritative tutorials around the web, and what the contributors consider to be best practices at the present time.

35. The UX Reader

Learn all about UX from the designers at MailChimp

The designers at MailChimp love to show their work, and so this ebook is a collection of the most popular articles from their UX Newsletter, along with some exclusive content.

36. Web Design for the Human Eye

A practical guide to UI and visual design

Get to grips with UI design with this free ebook from the team at UXPin. It distills topics including UI design, interaction design and visual design into practical design advice.

37. Pixel Precision Handbook

UsTwo share their advice on digital design

This 214-page guide to digital design comes from leading web design studio studio UsTwo. Currently on volume 3, this latest version includes advice on how to get both sides working together more effectively, plus design techniques to ease the transition from pixels to code.

38. Data + Design

A great introduction to preparing and visualising information

Data + Design is a simple introduction to preparing and visualising information. Crafted by more than 50 volunteers from 14 countries around the globe, this free book is a collaboration between Infoactive and the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute.

This free book showcases the best web design techniques

This recent release by the makers of UXPin looks at the very latest trends in web design. It includes 61 examples showcasing the best web design techniques, dozens of visual case studies, and best practices from the top tech companies.

40. Resilient Web Design

Leading web designer Jeremy Keith looks back into the history of web design

Web designers are mostly occupied by the here and now. But this free book by Jeremy Keith instead takes a look back, in an attempt to combine the most resilient ideas from the history of web design into an approach for building the websites of the future, In short, then, less a handbook and more a history book.