40 web design freebies to make your life easier

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Everyone loves a good icon, and it can be a lot of fun designing your own. But sometimes you just don’t have the time or budget to do so. Luckily, the web is full of free icon sets to help you out and speed things up. Here are some of our favourites...

11. UXPin icon set

More than 80 icons for web and mobile design

From the makers of UX design platform UXPin comes a diverse and attractive suite of 80+ icons for web and mobile UI design. In addition to PDF and Adobe Illustrators files, there are SVGs, PSDs and PNGs in the mix.

12. Aganè Icons

100 icons themed around signage and wayfinding

Aganè Icons is a free set of 100 icons themed around signage systems and urban graphic systems. This set was created by Danilo de Marco and Giulia Gambino to accompany the Aganè font (see 30).

13. CSS Icon

These icons are pure CSS

CSS Icon is a free icon set made with pure CSS, with no dependencies. There are 152 "grab and go" icons, all created by Wenting Zhang. You can learn more about the project in the video below.

14. Collecticons

A cool collection of crisp and fresh icons

Collecticons is an ever-growing collection of crisp icons (141 at time of writing), which are all free to download. The work of Development Seed, some of the icons were designed/built on top of libraries such as icoMoon by Keyamoon, and others that were made in-house.

15. Mex-icons

This free set contains a selection of bright and colourful Mexican themed icons

These bright and colourful Mexican themed icons are available as .png, .eps & ai files, in both colour and outline format. They’re the work of Texas-based Inkbyte Studios, and free to download for your web design projects.

16. 30 Isometric Icon Set

30 flat isometric icons in various PNG sizes

This free collection includes 30 flat isometric icons in various PNG sizes. Created by Iconshock, they’re all fully editable and customisable in Illustrator.

17. Socialoha! Icons

A whopping bundle of 756 social medial icons

This multi-style set of 756 social media icons comes from Iconshock. These free icons are available as editable Illustrator .ai files, web-ready .svg files, and transparent pngs in several sizes. Note that these icons are free for personal use only.

18. Flat Line UX and Ecommerce icons

Two icons sets covering user experience and ecommerce

Here, Smashing Magazine has brought together two free icon sets crafted by the design team at Ecommerce Website Design. The Flat Line User Experience Icon Set contain 45 icons with a retro discreet feel, while the E-Commerce Linear Icon Set features 38 linear icons depicting the likes of signs, shops, clothes, barcodes and currencies.

19. Animated flat emojis

A diverse set of animated emoji icons

This free icon set features 28 animated emojis that are fully vector-based and can be easily scaled, but can also be used as pre-made GIF-animations in 3 sizes: 32x32, 64x64 and 100x100.

20. Bank and money icons

Free icons themed on business and finance

This free set features 36 flat-style bank and money icons. Created by Vecteezy.com, they include a range of finance-themed pictograms, from credit card to piggy banks.

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