40 web design freebies to make your life easier

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In many ways, working in web design in 2017 has never been more challenging. But on the positive side, there have never been so many free resources out there to help you.

There are tons of free design assets on the web you can use to speed up the process of building websites, including free UI kits, free icon sets and free fonts. Plus if you need to learn new skills or improve your existing ones, there are some great books that have been made absolutely free to read.

In this post, we round up some of our favourite freebies for web designers. So we’d recommend you bookmark this page, as you never know when they might come in handy!

On this page you'll find UI kits, followed by free icons, free fonts, and free ebooks. Use the drop-down above to jump straight to a particular section.

UI kits

When it comes to building websites in 2017, there’s absolutely no point in reinventing the wheel again and again. Web designers across the world have been kind enough to share the assets they’ve created for their own projects to make yours easier. So why not take advantage, and save yourself time and energy. Here are some of the best free UI kits to come to our attention recently…

01. UI Components

A great set of charts, graphs and other components

This free UI kit contains a selection of 3D charts, graphs and other UI components created by Balraj Chana. All these components are vector-based and fully editable, so you can easily plug them into your dashboards or mobile app designs.

02. Landing

A set of Sketch and Photoshop components to help you build sites faster

Landing is a free UI kit from LStore Graphics. It’s packed with handcrafted UI components to speed up your website building, for Sketch and Photoshop.

03. Visage

This free kit contains more than 70 components for Photoshop across seven categories

Visage is a free UI kit for Adobe Photoshop from Bostan Florin that contains 70+ UI components for building websites. It presents these in seven categories: Blog, E-Commerce, Media, Admin, Forms, Headers and Footers.

04. Chat

Build a chat app with this bespoke UI kit

Chat is a free cross-platform UI kit from InVision app, designed to help you create an elegant chat app. It includes 60 templates, 12 categories and 80 UI components for web, tablet, and mobile.

05. Browser UI Kit

A kit designed to help you create screenshots with a blank browser UI

As the name suggests, Browser UI kit is a vector UI Kit allowing you to easily create website screenshots with a default blank browser UI. Designed by Keir Ansell, it includes Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge.

06. Basiliq

Create beautiful mockups with these hand-crafted vector shapes

Here’s something a little different: a UI kit containing more than 300 hand-crafted vector shapes for Photoshop, which you can use to create beautiful looking mockups. Watch the video on their homepage to see how they all fit together.

07. Prometheus

Create any kind of website with this clean and simple kit

Prometheus is a clean and simple UI kit for creating any type of website, including blogs, online shops, and personal pages. The work of Vid Kraljic Radulovic, it includes more than 150 vector-based design elements in 10 categories.

08. Overlap UI

A minimalist, component-based UI kit built on Bootstrap

Overlap is a modern, minimalist, component-based UI kit that’s aimed at helping you create a clean and stylish website. Built on a 12-column Bootstrap grid system by Vlad Cristea and Raul Taciu, it comes in two file formats: PSD and AI.

09. Flat UI Free

A variety of flat components to build a sleek looking website

Based on Bootstrap 3, Flat UI Free is a free UI kit containing such components as buttons, inputs, button groups, selects, checkboxes, radio-buttons, tags, menus, progress bars and sliders, navigation elements and more.

10. Mac OS UI kit

A UI kit for macOS, designed exclusively for Sketch

Another free download from Keir Ansell, this is a comprehensive and precisely designed UI kit for macOS, designed exclusively for Sketch. Each primary UI element is a Sketch Symbol (using the Symbol Override features) to allow for easy editing and reuse.

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