7 top tips for performant design

7 top tips for performant design

With Progressive Web Apps and Single-Page Apps (PWAs and SPAs), developers have the technical tools to deliver fast and engaging web experiences, rivalling their native counterparts. But there exists a missing piece of the puzzle, a catalyst that can propel a high-performing web app to a hyper-performant, best-in-class user experience. This ingredient is found through considering performance a fundamental principle of the UX and visual design process. This is Performant Design.

A delay between 300 and 1,000 milliseconds makes the user feel like a machine is working, but they begin to mentally context-switch above 1,000 milliseconds. Anything that provides the content faster will result in a more positive engagement (to keep your site running smoothly, enlist a brilliant web hosting service). These tips will show you how to make an app along performant design principles; follow them to get your web apps flying.

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