Calls to action: How to create successful CTAs

call to action
(Image credit: Uniqlo)

Calls to actions (or CTAs) count. The vast majority of the websites or applications will have at least one form of call to action, this could be anything from signing up to a newsletter to following you on social media or confirming a payment. However, there are a number of obstacles in the way of actually getting users to complete a CTA, and also considerations about the next steps they should take once completed.

To fully understand why users are dropping out of your booking flow or failing to notice your newsletter sign up button on your landing page, you should engage your analytics team and ensure that you rigorously test your digital products with the people using them. That said, you may not have an analytics team, or might need a bit of extra help (and remember, decent web hosting will provide some helpful analytics). 

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Joss Cook is a freelance designer and design manager at Unity. Formerly design manager at Lush Digital, he was awarded Wirehive 100 Creative of the Year 2014 and voted No. 1 in The Drum Design Census 2015. He has written for Web Designer and Net magazines.