Chatbots: what you need to know

No one really likes the traditional line-of-business applications – neither the end-users nor the developers. The reason behind that is called ‘fixed screens’. Think about the user experience when you do simple things like booking a meeting within a traditional fixed-screen application today – you have to input the names of all attendees, choose a room, select start and end time, etc.

Ask yourself how natural it feels to go through all these steps? Probably the interaction with the computer isn’t very natural because the UI defines its flow and it feels like a compromised user experience that we are all now used to.

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Vesko Kolev is an experienced business leader and software engineer. As VP of Product , Developer Tooling at Progress, Vesko is responsible for a team of 150+ software engineers, product managers and UX designers. He believes AI and VR/AR will redefine the concept of applications.