Creating line art for a colouring book

Much of the work I do as a professional illustrator is in colour, but my first love is pencil art, and inking over it is a close second. So in this workshop I’ll show how I approach the more complicated pieces I like to do.

In 2015 I was asked to illustrate Jonathan Green’s adventure game book Alice’s Nightmare In Wonderland, which presented a dark and twisted Wonderland populated by nightmarish versions of Lewis Carroll’s well-known characters. We produced a colouring-book companion volume, which was received so well, Jonathan decided to do a second volume entitled Through the Looking- Glass and the Horrors Alice Found There. Again, I was asked to illustrate it.

Right away I knew I wanted to indulge in the detail I love so much. To do this for all 23 illustrations for the book would take far too long, so I picked out five drawings to become the stand-out pieces for the book and started to sketch out ideas for each of them.

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After 15 years designing video games, Kev Crossley became a freelance illustrator and writer. He produced comics for 2000 AD, and text and art for numerous art books. He’s written three books on fantasy art.