The 9 best no-code tools in 2023

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No-code tools are a beacon of hope in today's over-saturated market for software that greatly surpasses the supply of its programmers. Today, there are more great web design and coding tools than ever before to help even non-tech-savvy professionals create the mockups, frameworks, and testing solutions they need. 

But with so many web design tools out there, it can be difficult to pinpoint the no-code tool that's best for your needs. To that end, let's look at the top no-code tools in 2021, including what makes them so great, and which type of creative professional they're aimed at. 

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01. Wix

Best web builder: Wix template

(Image credit: Wix)

Wix's drag-and-drop interface makes it super-easy to build your own website. Those who want to avoid coding but still have a smart and functional website will have no complaints. There are several templates aimed at creating gorgeous portfolios for a range of creative professionals.

There are free plans available, but those who are serious about starting their own site will probably want to opt for one of the very reasonable monthly payment options.

02. ProtoPie

best no-code tools: screenshot from IFTTT

Create complex interactions and get closer to your design's end function (Image credit: ProtoPie)

ProtoPie promises a permanent goodbye to manual prototyping with its unique conceptual "object-trigger-response" model. The ProtoPie web design tool focuses on creatives who need to preserve their design vision and quickly share and access their team's interactions with libraries. Its highlight feature is its ability to control sensors of smart devices in your prototype (tilt, sound, compass, etc.). 

With ProtoPie, teams can quickly import their design assets to get working on completely code-free prototypes that are ready to share with others in a matter of minutes. The product is free for 30 days, after which users need to pay $13 per month to continue using its features. 

03. BudiBase

best no-code tools: screenshot from IFTTT

Quickly create no-code proofs-of-concept with an open-source, free-to-download tool (Image credit: Carrd)
  • Cost: Free to download - paid plans start at $5 per user per month
  • Download here

BudiBase is a free-to-download, open-source tool to start creating and launching SaaS-based software applications. BudiBase is a no-code platform that's meant to be for companies and creatives who need to maintain their SaaS brand's image across their website and marketing content. 

It’s worth noting that SaaS is the most popular licensing and delivery software model today. As Barbara Ericson of Cloud Defense notes, "Software-as-a-Service is so prevalent that it’s the default for cornerstone software offerings like Microsoft Office. Many people and companies are turning to SaaS since it allows individuals and companies to acquire software more quickly, to benefit from patches more consistently, and to benefit from additional security measures that prevent the software from being altered or negatively affected."

BudiBase allows for quick creation of proofs-of-concept and includes a dedicated workflow section that's perfect for the creation of internal tools. BudiBase lets users self-host on their very own infrastructure with self-hosting that’s supported through Docker and Digital Ocean. BudiBase is "free forever", with paid plans starting at the Standard plan for $5 per user, per month.

04. Betty Blocks

best no-code tools: screenshot from IFTTT

Drag and drop the front end of your choice from dynamic web apps to customer portals (Image credit: Betty Blocks)

No-code application development platform Betty Blocks lets users create custom software applications in a no-code environment. The tool is ideal for teams that operate in sprints and require regular updates on application functionality for their clients. 

Betty Blocks enables users to create complex applications without any code and drastically reduces their product’s time-to-market with drag-and-drop features, visual modeling options for data management, and robust reusability that makes sense for creatives who need to more heavily empower their development teams. Betty Blocks doesn't advertise its pricing plans and requires that users sign up for a free product demonstration to get a product quote.

05. Startup 4

best no-code tools: screenshot from IFTTT

Create landing pages and full-fledged sites based on Bootstrap 4 without writing code (Image credit: Designmodo)
  • Cost: Free to download - paid plans start at $21/month and $249 billed annually
  • Download here

Startup 4 is the no-code tool made for non-technical creatives who love Bootstrap but don't want to dive into coding with it. Startup 4 provides such users with an online-based application that comes with ready-to-use themes and templates that are intended for website creation based on Bootstrap 4 with a 12-column grid. 

A powerful bootstrap 4 builder that's complete with dozens of features, tools, and free Figma sources, Startup 4 is free to download with full access to all of its features, offering paid plans for businesses that need to create multiple sites with all of Startup 4's components.

06. Typeform

best no-code tools: screenshot from IFTTT

Create intuitive surveys and forms for users using Typeform's no-code platform  (Image credit: Typeform)

Typeform is a no-code platform for marketing gurus who need to create simple-to-use forms and surveys for multiple users. Typeform offers a free plan for users to get started which allows for the creation of ten-question forms that support up to one-hundred responses per month. This is perfect for creatives who value the ability to test aspects of their code such as their user experience and user interface. 

Users who opt into the first paid Essentials plan can access forms that support up to 1,000 responses per month, with the higher-tiered plans offering even more responses as well as useful add-ons such as conversion tracking and integration with HubSpot.

07. Zapier 

best no-code tools: screenshot from IFTTT

Seamlessly integrate multiple tools and applications with Zapier's no-code platform (Image credit: Zapier)
  • Cost: Free to download - paid plans start at $19.99 per month/$29.99 month-to-month
  • Sign up for free

Zapier's no-code platform integrates literally thousands of web-based applications as well as tools that are useful for users who need a swiss army-knife-like tool that's still easy to navigate. 

Zapier taps into marketing automation for small businesses to realise huge savings in time, energy, and money with over 2,000 applications ready to be chained up for your best interests. This no-code platform boasts a lightning-fast setup process to boot, which makes it all the more attractive to users who need a turnkey solution for their no-code needs. Zapier is free to download for anyone who needs to automate up to 100 hundred tasks per month.

08. IFTTT (If This Then That)

best no-code tools: screenshot from IFTTT

Automate tasks, chain together conditional statements, and handle multiple triggers and actions (Image credit: IFTTT)

IFTTT focuses on hobbyists as well as non-technical creatives who want to get their feet wet in the world of automation. In our modern landscape of remotely dispersed teams working on the same product, tools like IFTTT are a godsend for both developers as well as their product teams who need to connect their products to well-known brands while continuing to grow their business.

IFTTT offers an integration platform that handles multiple actions and triggers and boasts an easily navigable user interface to boot. Users can start using IFTTT's platform for free, but they'll need to sign up for a paid plan if they're interested in publishing their integrations with IFTTT online.

09. Carrd

best no-code tools: screenshot from IFTTT

Design one-page customisable websites with pre-built templates or completely from scratch (Image credit: Carrd)

Last but certainly not least is the (nearly) free-to-use no-code platform, Carrd. Carrd's target demographic includes web designers with little actual web design experience. 

Offering pre-built templates for one-page sites, Carrd makes it easy for anybody to create either their own site from scratch or one that uses a simple template. Best of all, Carrd supports site templates that are responsive on multiple devices to ensure your site looks just as good on a mobile phone as it does on a desktop computer. The no-code tool is free-to-use for users who are interested in creating up to three websites using Carrd's core features. For access to custom domains, forms and widgets, users need to sign up for the 'Go Pro' plan at just $19 per year.

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