Push start on your 3D video game career

Fawkes the phoenix

The games industry is one of the most creative, diverse, exciting and sought-after industries for a digital artist specialising in 3d art to work in today. As a games artist, you can create stunning worlds, characters or props in styles ranging from the realistic to cartoony or anywhere in-between,” says Simon Fenton, head of games at Escape Studios, an industry-leading academy for visual effects and digital art.

He continues: “The UK games market in particular is enjoying record growth; UKIE recently announced that the market had grown by 12.4 per cent over the past year to a record-breaking £5.11bn, largely attributed to the delivery of ‘world-class content for an ever-expanding eager audience’. You have to be at a really high standard to make it in the games industry – you have to reach a very high bar.”

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Brad Thorne

Brad Thorne was Creative Bloq's Ecommerce Writer, and now works for a PR company specialising in 3D and VFX, Liaison. He previously worked as Features Writer for 3D World and 3D Artist magazines, and has written about everything from 3D modelling to concept art, archviz to engineering, and VR to VFX. For Creative Bloq, his role involved being responsible for creating content around the most cutting-edge technology (think the metaverse and the world of VR) and keeping a keen eye on prices and stock of all the best creative kit.