Lifeproof your iPad with the nüüd

If you're being creative in the wild, you'd better protect your iPad with a hard-wearing - and waterproof - skin.

Our Verdict

A great iPad case for going underwater or drop protection, but expensive.


  • Rugged
  • Waterproof
  • Cleverly leaves screen unfettered


  • Tricky to fit
  • Expensive

The Lifeproof nüüd protects and waterproofs your iPad without covering the screen - clever

The Lifeproof case for iPhone makes your phone pretty much invincible, protecting all parts of it from clumsiness, stupiduty, and bad luck. And water. The Lifeproof for iPad is a little different.

While this offers high levels of protection for the sides and rear of your iPad, it doesn’t cover the glass on the screen at all. This means you can use your iPad without any impediment, but the protection against drops is reduced.

It’s still waterproof, though, by forming a seal on the glass bezel, but outside the screen. It’s a really nice idea (and ensures that stylus users don't experience diluted contact feel), but it’s a pain to actually fit the case - it’s a delicate operation, with the rubber seals often falling out of their holders, and the iPad not positioning correctly.

It’s also hard to take off without splashing residual water on your iPad, but not enough to be a problem. Importantly, it worked, keeping our iPad working underwater, and the casing around the edge will still offer a good amount of protection for drops, even if it’s not total. The only major problem is the price - £90.

Words: Matthew Bolton

This review originally featured in Tap! Magazine issue 23.

Key info

  • Works with: iPad
  • Price: £90
  • Manufacturer: Lifeproof

The Verdict


out of 10

Lifeproof nüüd

A great iPad case for going underwater or drop protection, but expensive.