63 of the best infographics

Best infographics: Give instructions

27. 9 Productivity Mistakes you're Making in the First 10 Minutes of Your Day

Productivity infographic

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The first 10 minutes of your day can make or break it. This clear and engaging infographic from Impact (opens in new tab) uses bold illustration to tell you how (and how not) to use those minutes to boost your productivity for the day ahead. 

28. Should I Work for Free?

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One of the best infographics to ever go viral, this tongue-in-cheek creation by Jessica Hische (opens in new tab) is every bit as relevant today as when it was created in 2011. It uses the classic flowchart method to address all the possible perspectives on this notoriously thorny and divisive issue, and is built using live text in HTML and CSS to enable translation into any language. If you'd prefer it in a more traditional format, however, it's also available as a letterpress print (opens in new tab).

29. Desk Exercises for Designers

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Are you reading this slumped at your desk? You're probably not doing yourself any favours, posture-wise. Sort yourself out with this guide to 10 exercises you can do right at your desk, compiled by us and illustrated by Simon Middleweek (opens in new tab). See our post on the desk exercises infographic here.

30. What Font is Best for You?

The best infographics: Which font

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The best infographics make complex information seem fun and readable, and here's a good example. Produced by Cartridge Discount (opens in new tab), it takes you on a history of typefaces and acts as a guide by delving into topics such as serif vs sans-serif, web fonts and ones for print, unique fonts and the future of fonts. 

31. Logo Design Principles

The best infographics: Logo design principles

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The best logos may look simple, but break them down into their composite elements and you'll find everything has been carefully chosen to convey something about the brand. This infographic from Online Logo Maker (opens in new tab) guides designers through the process of creating a logo by breaking down and examining some of the world's biggest brands. 

32. Staying Happy and Healthy at Work

The best infographics: Posture tips

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To live a healthy life as a designer, you shouldn't just be taking breaks; you should be doing everything you can at your desk to ensure a healthy lifestyle. This infographic by Jessica Verster (opens in new tab) offers some brilliant tips to help your back, neck and shoulders stay in tip-top shape.

Best infographics: Make comparisons

33. The Art of Tyranny

best infographics: Theo Deutinger the Art of Tyranny

The Art of Tyranny highlights some gruesome facts in a visually appealing way (Image credit: Theo Deutinger)

The Art of Tyranny is a book filled with infographics of various types, the one above shows the amount of animals killed per second around the world in 2014. Buy the book (opens in new tab) for more gruesome infographics highlighting some important issues. 

34. Left vs Right

best infographics: Left vs right

(Image credit: David McCandless & Stefanie Posavec)

Information is Beautiful (opens in new tab) is a treasure trove of gorgeous infographics, and this one by David McCandless & Stefanie Posavec shows how the left and right are broadly defined around the world. We think it's a great way of distilling this complex ideology in just a few images.

35. A World of Debt

Click the image to see the full version (Image credit: Visual Capitalist)
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Whenever you hear about government debt, the figures are always so astronomical it’s difficult to understand what any of it means in real terms. Which makes this infographic from Visual Capitalist (opens in new tab) quite an eye opener. Visually comparing the amount of governmental debt owed country by country, you’ll probably be very surprised by the disparity in debt across the globe.

36. Superpowers

The best infographics: Superpowers

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This is the third iteration of Pop Chart Lab (opens in new tab)'s popular superpowers infographic, the material sourced from the past 75 years of comic books and broken down into seven main skill sets: powers of the mind, animal powers, mastery, powers of the body, force control, object manipulation and weapons-based.

This vibrant design is seriously impressive, the sprawling taxonomy of over 200 superpowers and 600 superheroes and villains spreading over six square feet. We're also loving the final rendered vintage-style design, which pays tribute to the great cosmic covers of the Bronze Age of Comics.

37. The Chart of Controllers

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One of the best infographics from Pop Chart Lab (opens in new tab), this is an extensive family tree of video game control schemes, including handhelds, joysticks, paddles, gamepads, rifles, steering wheels, and even a guitar.

38. Serif vs Sans: The Final Battle

The best infographics: Serif vs sans

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Ever find it hard to choose between serif and sans fonts? If so, this is one of the best infographics to explain the difference. Created by Web Designer Depot (opens in new tab), it runs through what type of typography is best suited to different projects. It features a cracking design with cute serif and sans-serif character...err...characters battling it out for supremacy. 

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