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5 inline typefaces for your design projects

Inline typefaces are becoming more and more popular as a method of introducing depth or visual interest, particularly as the flat design trend has taken hold.

Here, we pick five of our favourite inline typefaces to introduce you to the latest craze; some are even free fonts for you to download and use straight away. We'll add more to this list as we find them - and please feel free to share your favourite inline fonts with the design community in our comments section at the foot of the article.

01. Gist Rough

inline typefaces

Want an inline typeface that's a little rough around the edges? Look no futher...

Created by Yellow Design Studio, Gist Rough the letterpress version of Gist. Combining both retro and modern influences, it's the perfect inline typeface for those of you that love a font that's a little rough around the edges. There's varying lavels of texture with every weight that can be mixed or used individually.

02. Intro

inline typefaces

Intro is an inline typeface that's entirely free to download for personal use

A completely free inline typface, Intro serves as the perfect introduction to inline typefaces. The geometric make-up and structure makes it a beautiful choice for designers and using sharpened edges for the 'A', 'V' and 'W' letters ensures it's a stand-out, unique offering.

03. Naive Inline

inline typefaces

This font is the inline version of Naïve and makes for a beautiful typeface

Naïve Inline is a serif handwritten font designed by Fanny Coulez and Julien Saurin for La Goupil Paris. The three weights of this retro parisian typography can be enhanced with a bicolor interior, ribbed or full, to improve your designs and bring a nostalgic and unusual feeling. To do so, you can simply superimpose the 2 elements: the weight above, the interior below.

04. Market Street Neon

inline typefaces

Market Street Neon was created to be used in larger sizes

Created by MyFonts' Lori Lebeau-Walsh, Market Street Neon is an inline typeface packed full of fun. "I designed this font to be a little bit more 'San Francisco' (hence the name of the font), with a contemporary and upscale feeling. It’s intended for use in larger sizes of type, upwards of 48 pt," explains Lebeau-Walsh.

05. Skunkling

inline typefaces

A playful and awkward inline typeface for your flat design projects

Packed full of personality, Skunkling is a fun little inline typeface to use in all your flat design projects. "It was inspired by a real-life encounter between a spraying skunk and a defenseless designer," explains designer Jason Jones. "It was designed to be playful and even awkward." We love it.

Have you got a favourite inline typeface design? Let us know in the comments box below!