The beautiful furniture designs of Kai Linke

Every day items can often provide the ultimate inspiration. German designer Kai Linke has crafted these incredible designs that put a whole new light on every day furniture designs.

Graduating back in 2005, Kai interned at Studio Jurgen Bey in Rotterdam before working as a freelance designer at Studio Tomas Saraceno. In 2009, he set up his own studio and has gone on to exhibit his work in Frankfurt, Milan, London and more as well as winning numerous design awards.

'Catching the Wild' was showcased at the Stolen Wood exhibition

The limited edition piece entitled 'Catching the Wild' (pictured above) was designed in conjunction with Johannes Hemann. Crafted from steel and polyester, it's a truly inspiring piece. This - along with various other creations - was showcased at Kai's Stolen Wood exhibition.

His 'Blasted Familii' project was a series of simple, blasted objects made out of spruce wood. The objects appear to be rough and aged but at the same time the wooden relief tells another story. You have to look closely to see the beauty!

Look closely to see the awe-inspiring beauty of Kai's work

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