How designers work: artist Thomas Forsyth

Thomas Forsyth in collaboration with Kyle Bean, created this amazing cover for Computer Arts, issue 195.

Thomas Forsyth is an artist and designer currently living in London. Here, he talks about the importance of communication and keeping your cool.

Thomas Forsyth graduated from Brighton University in Wood, Metal, Ceramics and Plastics and has worked with the likes of Gaymers, The House of Fairy Tales and Favela Chic. But what makes him 'tick'?

Tell us, what inspires you?

Weird materials, tools, components, processes, fairy tales, secret compartments, psychology, people, music... Just focusing on what interests or inspires you or your clients and expressing it through your skill set.

What are your biggest challenges?

Managing/helping with communications between different parties involved in projects (making sure people are on the same page and understand each other). I've started to think that a vast proportion of things going wrong probably stems from simple, innocent miscommunication. When your passion also turns into your job, you start needing to find additional new hobbies and ways of relaxing.

Another challenge is reminding myself how important it is to take enough time to relax and rest.

When your passion also turns into your job, you start needing to find additional new hobbiesand ways of relaxing.

What's the best creative tool you've used recently?

Communication... or the Dewalt palm router.

Thomas Forsyth creating 'Apps'

What do you enjoy most about your job?

It's pretty much impossible for one person or company to know every single thing there is to know about 'making things'. I think it's the variety, the never-ending learning, honing of skills, the possibilities, it makes me excited. Along with meeting some awesome people and using dangerous tools.

Got any tips for our readers?

  • Be yourself. If no one is giving you a job, don't worry, it may be because you need to make your own.
  • Regularly reassess where your skills lie and what it is that's really making you happy.

And finally...

Check out this video, featuring Thomas Forsyth creating 400 miniature boats in collaboration with It's Nice That for 'Push' Print London.

Check out more videos from Thomas Forsyth on his Vimeo page.

You can view the rest of Thomas' work and contact him at