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How product packaging affects buying decisions

How product packaging affects buying decisions

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With so many products out there, getting the packaging design right is key to its success. But how much does the packaging really affect what you pick up in the shops? This handy infographic from The Paper Worker aims to suss out how a product's packaging makes you take it to the till.

"What do Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Finish detergent, Cadbury, Absolut, and Birchbox have in common? They get branding and the evidence is found right in their packaging. From convenience to aesthetics, product packaging is an art form that many aspire to but few actually excel at," they explain.

"Consumers often make snap judgements when purchasing – seven seconds, on average – it's clear that this aspect is a critical part of overall success in marketing and branding." The infographic tackles icons, convenience, typography and more to get some product packaging answers.

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