12 stunning examples of mosaic art

The simplest definition of mosaic art is an image or design constructed from small pieces of coloured glass, stone, or other materials. This ancient art form dates back to around 600BC and has been practised ever since. Fancy making your own? We've got a brilliant selection of collage makers to help get you started. 

Need some inspiration? Check out these awesome examples of mosaic art from all over the world...

The shower scene from Psycho

The shower scene from Psycho

The Hitchcock Gallery is a series of murals on the walls of the tube station in Leytonstone, where Hitchcock was born in 1899. There are 17 murals in all, each depicting a scene from a different film. They were created by artists at the Greenwich Mural Workshop to celebrate the centenary of his birth. 

02. The Revelers

Celebrating New Years Eve in Time Square

Celebrating New Years Eve in Time Square

This is one of a series of around 70 mosaics at the 42nd Street subway station near Time Square in New York. The life-size portraits depict revelers celebrating New Years Eve and were created by artist Jane Dickson in collaboration with Italy’s Miotto Mosaic Art Studios. 

03. Secret between you and me

Mosaic art - Atsuko Laskaris

One of our favourite designs by mosaic artist Atsuko Laskaris

We have to say, our minds are a little blown by the mosaic artwork from Atsuko Laskaris, in particular this charming 'Secret between you and me' piece. Born in Japan and now working in California, Laskaris has an awe-inspiring portfolio of truly stunning mosaics – her speciality being beautiful portraits that have an amazing amount of depth and intricate detail.

04. In her shoes

Mosaic art - Lin Schorr

Stained and plate glass make up this beautiful mosaic by artist Lin Schorr

Stained glass, plate glass and abalone make up this beautiful 'In her Shoes' mosaic by US-based artist Lin Schorr. Starting her career as a production coordinator in the fashion industry, before moving to garden design where Schorr discovered a passion for mixed media mosaic art. She has an impressive portfolio of designs, this one winning the Best in Show award at the 2012 Society of American Mosaic Artists.

05. Fishpond

Mosaic art - Gary Drostle

Gary Drostle created this beautiful fishpond mosaic as the centrepiece for an award-winning garden in Croydon

Award winning British artist Gary Drostle specialises in large scale murals, mosaics and mosaic sculptures for landscape and architecture. His beautiful fishpond is the central feature in an award-winning public garden in Croydon, London. Following the 'do what you like' brief, Drostle created the trompe l'oeil design from vitreous ceramic tesserae.

06. Autumn landscape

Mosaic art - Sandra Bryant

Artist Sandra Bryant specialises in making contemporary mosaic art, using glass and tile

Sandra Bryant uses tiny pieces of glass to create intricate mosaic works of art. Originally starting out in oil paintings, Bryant moved to mosaic art when she married her husband Carl so they create them together. The duo specialise in contemporary mosaic art, creating glass and ceramic tile designs for in and outside the home. One of our favourite of her designs, Sandra Bryant created this beautiful, glass landscape mosaic in 2006.

07. Winters Beauty

Mosaic art - Laura Rendlen

This stunning winter scene secured mosaic artist Laura Rendlen a Juror's Choice Award last year

Upon first glance, this gorgeous artwork looks more like a painting than a mosaic. But artist Laura Rendlen did, in fact, place numerous pieces of stone, glass, shell and gems together to create Winters Beauty. And the hard work was worth it, securing her the Mosaic Arts International Juror's Choice Award last year.

08. Secret mosaic staircase

Mosaic art - secret mosaic staircase

Now here's 163 steps we wouldn't mind taking the time to walk up

A hidden gem in San Francisco, this beautiful 163 step mosaic staircase leads up to some amazing views of the city. The artwork was created by Irish ceramist Aileen Barr, mosaic artist Colette Crutcher and over 300 community workers over a two-and-a-half-year period. It took 2,000 handmade tiles and 75,000 fragments of mirror, stained glass and tiles to complete the sea-to-sky design, which incorporates the names of over 220 sponsors.

09. Svelata

Mosaic art - Mia Tavonatti

It's hard to believe that Mia Tavonatti created this huge, detailed image from thousands of fragments of glass

Mia Tavonatti is an internationally acclaimed and sought-after muralist, illustrator, painter and mosaicist. And if this piece is anything to go by, we can see why! Known in the mosaic community to 'paint with glass, Tavonatti created this breathtaking piece 'Svelata', which secured her first place in open art competition ArtPrize in 2010.

10. Storm is coming

Moasic art - Michael Graham

The calm before the storm...

This idyllic scene makes us want to go on holiday! Storm in coming was created by mosaic artist Michael Graham. The beautiful art piece has been appreciated by many since its release, so much so in fact that it picked up the Member's Choice award at the 11th annual Society of American Mosaic Artist conference last year.

11. Navy Pier

Mosaic art - Lynne Adamo

Artist Lynn Adamo captures a grey, March morning in Chicago perfectly

After being a graphic designer and sat in front of a computer for 23 years, Lynn Adamo had the desire to express her creativity in a more hands on way. And so began creating stunning mosaic art. Created using hundreds of fragments of tile, a grey March morning in Chicago inspired this piece.

12. Cerchi

Mosaic art - Magda Busetto

Authentic aboriginal art inspired this piece by mosaic artist Magda Busetto

Artist Magda Busetto's love for mosaic art began after a trip to Australia in 2005. Here, she discovered aboriginal art and its symoblisms, which inspired her to express her creativity through the medium of mosaics. She has created many abstract designs, inspired by this style. Our favourite is this piece Busetto created last year titled 'Cerchi'.

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