New site is like Behance for indecisive designers

Desinion is a new platform that allows designers to give and get feedback, opinions and even statistics on their design concepts. Yes, we know you can do that on sites like Behance and Dribbble. But rather than a portfolio site that invites comments in a roundabout/laidback way, Desinion is solely geared towards asking for binary feedback – as in: 'Do you like A or B better?'.


Which one do you like? Quick, make a decision!

There's usually no context to the design so you don't know what the client is looking for, what audience it's aimed at, or where it's going to appear, which can be frustrating. But its pure simplicity does make it quick and easy app to give feedback, and it could prove a handy way of deciding between two very similar designs, when you just can't reach a decision yourself.

You can see exactly how it work in this short video:

Desinion was launched around a month ago and it's already regularly getting over 4,000 page views per day, and growing, says founder and lead designer Chris Payne.

"We get lots of new and talented designers signing up per day, and at the time of writing we have seen over 19,000 opinions given on designer's design concepts," he adds.

Payne emphasises that it's early days, though. "We are testing the market, and so far so good. However, we're still revising and improving the product and listening to audience feedback. For example, people who offer their opinion may not get a great amount of context, and this is something that we are looking to solve very quickly.

So what do you think? Is this reducing design to its lowest common denominator, or a useful way of making quick decisions? Let us know your views in the comments below...







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Tom May

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