55 designers and illustrators to follow on Dribbble

If you're not already familiar with Dribbble, it's a fast-growing social network that allows designers and digital artists to post small screenshots of the designs, art, and applications they are working on.

Best of all, the structure of the site is geared towards attracting comments, Twitter-style 'follows' and Facebook-esque 'likes', giving anyone who gives a sneak peek at their work the chance to get some valuable feedback on it. Or even get hired.

Sound good? We thought so. Check out our list of 50 designers and artists to watch on Dribbble. Then add your own recommendations in the comments below.

01. John Passafiume

Passafiume specialises in hand lettering

John Passafiume is a Brooklyn-based designer and illustrator specializing in hand lettering and formal aesthetics. Currently senior designer at boutique agency Louise Fili Ltd, in 2011 he was named a Young Gun by the Art Director's Club of New York.

02. Mike Kus

Mike Kus is a well known designer across a range of disciplines

Bath-based graphic designer, web designer and illustrator Mike Kus has a worldwide client roster and he's also a regular speaker at design/tech conferences. You can find out more about his life and work in this interview.

03. Jon Contino

Contino combines the old and the new in innovative ways

New York native Jon Contino is known for combining old and new world aesthetics into a modern, minimalist style. Influenced by historical New York, contemporary street art, and hand-drawn lettering, his latest work is always worth a look.

04. Jessica Hische

Hische is famed for her inventive approach to lettering

Jessica Hische is a renowned letterer, illustrator, and type designer based in San Francisco. Perhaps best known for her 'Drop cap' style covers for Penguin Classics, you can learn more about her in this interview.

05. Rob Nichols

illustrators to follow on Dribbble

Get your fix of illustration and typography inspiration

Rob Nichols is a freelance creative who mainly focuses on film, graphic design and advertising. His Dribbbles are packed full of illustration, icon design and typography inspiration.

06. Ryan Bosse

designers to follow on Dribbble

Ryan Bosse specialises in inspiring packaging

Ryan Bosse loves creating uniquely constructed brand identities, designing thought provoking packaging, and indulging in a little illustration. 
He's currently working as a designer at Chen Design Associates in San Francisco, California.

07. Jill De Haan

designers to follow on Dribbble

We love these book cover redesigns from De Haan

Jill De Haan's love of the unpredictable design process sees her produce quirky colour creations, specialising in hand lettering, illustration, and tree climbing. We particularly love these book covers.

08. Jason Stanley

designers to follow on behance

Get all sorts of design inspiration from Jason Stanley's Dribbble

An American citizen, born in Iceland and living in the UK, graphic Designer Jason Stanley creates inspiring illustrations, icons, T-shirt designs and original logos.

09. Marion Schaberl

designers to follow on Dribbble

Marion Schaberl loves to design anything with print

Marion Schaberl is a 22-year-old graphic design student from Graz, Austria. Co-founder of White Branding Lab, she loves to design corporate identities, illustrations and generally everything to do with print.

10. Bill S Kenney

Design by Bill S Kenney

Partner & art director at Focus Lab, based in Georgia, United States, Bill Kenney is an advocate of clean, user-friendly design, with keen eye for detail. While his true passions are branding and web design, his portfolio is not limited to a specific medium.

11. Kristian Hay

Design by Kristian Hay

Kristian Hay is a young Vancouver-based graphic designer, offering services such as corporate identity, marketing communications, print design, branding and more. With a strong focus on creating images that are clean and modern. Well worth the follow.

12. Glenn Jones

Design by Glenn Jones

Glenn Jones is a freelance designer and illustrator from New Zealand. Jones has been working in the industry for over 20 years, focussing on corporate identity, packaging and illustration. Jones also has his own T-shirt brand Glennz Tees.

13. Justin Mezzell

Design by Justin Mezzell

Justin Mezzell is an illustrator and designer currently based in Orlando, Florida. Mezzell is an admirer of art, space, and the natural world which is noticeable in his illustration style. The use of colour, depth and textures work wonders on his space-age artwork.

14. Riley Cran

Design by Riley Cran

Riley Cran is a designer based in the Pacific Northwest with a speciality in identity, packaging and illustration. Riley Cran aspires to create characterful and functional work, merging historical influences with modern, contemporary solutions. He is also one of the original founders of The Lost Type Co-Op, which has had a huge impact within the graphic field over the last few of years.

15. Marc Aspinall

Design by Mark Aspinall

Marc Aspinall often works under the illustrative alias of The Tree House Press. He describes himself as an illustrator of charming, sophisticated lifestyle illustration and concept driven work, with a clear nod to the styling of mid century animation and illustration. We like your style Marc!

16. Gaia Bordicchia

Design by Gaia Bordicchia

Gaia Bordicchia is a published children's illustrator and character designer based in Italy. We fell in love with her adorable creations including woodland creatures, cakes, and cuties!

17. Lydia Nichols

Design by Lydia Nichols

Lydia Nichols is an east-coast based illustrator and typographer who boasts an already impressive CV; working for the likes of Google and Bloomberg Business Week. We love this Sangwine branding and packaging concept - Lydia invented the vineyard to experiment.

18. Ryan Putnam

Design by Ryan Putnam

Ryan Putnam is the co-creator of design agency Rype Arts - a studio that crafts original brands for modern businesses that believe branding is both crucial to success and fun. You can also download this particular design as an iPhone, iPad or desktop wallpaper.

19. Scott Hill

Design by Scott Hill

Scott Hill is part of branding and digital design agency Foundry Co., who specialise in pairing beautiful images with relevant messages. His Dribbble boasts an array of branding beauties, including this one for Mule matches.

20. David Lanham

Design by David Lanham

David Lanham is a lover of both traditional and digital art, which is showcased throughout his Dribbble profile. He creates icons for all sorts of software at the Iconfactory whilst still continuing with his personal work. This adorable Ponyo creation is also available as a wallpaper for your iPhone and iPad!

21. Evan Stremke

Design by Evan Stremke

Evan Stremke is a highly acclaimed designer that has worked for the likes for Swink and Worrell. Currently, he is working Modern Climate - a consumer-centric advertising agency in Minneapolis who believe in using the existing momentum of market forces to maximize the revenue. The array of talent showcased on his Dribbble account is an absolute feast for the eyes.

22. Michael Flarup

Design by Michael Flarup

Michael Flarup is a designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He runs Pixelresort - a one-man design operation in which Michael treats his guests to graphic freebies, the occational blogpost and a selection of work from from his portfolio.

23. Dana Tanamachi

Design by Dana Tanamachi

Dana Tanamachi is a graphic designer and custom chalk letterer living in Brooklyn, New York. Currently, Dana works full time as a custom chalk letterer and has been commissioned by clients such as West Elm, Rugby Ralph Lauren, Google, The Ace Hotel, Adidas, EveryDay with Rachael Ray, Lululemon Athletica, and Garden & Gun Magazine.

24. Dan Matutina

Design by Dan Matutina

Dan Matutina is a designer and illustrator based in the Philippines. His style is a mixture of of handmade and digital art, with truly unique results. Dan has also just set up a brand new design agency Plus63, which is also based in the Phillippines.

25. Sean McCabe

Design by Sean McCabe

Sean McCabe is a hand lettering artist, type designer, illustrator, interface crafter, and to top it all off he also co-founded San Antonio based design firm Bold Perspective. We love the traditional feel of his typography, which has been used for branding and print design.

26. Gerran Lamson

Design by Gerren Lamson

Gerran Lamson is a multi-disiplined designer hailing from Austin, Texas. He works for Colour Lovers and Creative Market as Design Director, and enjoy drawing, printmaking, and personal projects that keep him curious.

27. Dave Mott

Design by Dave Mott

Dave Mott is an illustrator from Ohio, USA. He runs a personal blog - Monkeyworks - which he describes as monkeys, bears, and pencil shavings. We think Dave is much more than that with his adorable array of cartoon characters.

28. Jeremiah Shaw

Design by Jeremiah Shaw

Jeremiah Shaw is a designer that can dabble in and conquer many design formats. He works with mobile design, web design, branding, illustration, and print design. Check out Vaux for a look at his extensive portfolio.

29. Kelli Anderson

Design by Kelli Anderson

Kelli Anderson is a designer who is always experimenting with new means of making images and experiences. From interactive paper to layered, experimental websites, everything begins and ends here in her studio which houses a 1919 letterpress and an assortment of other benevolent contraptions. She also teaches art history at Pratt. Check out her incredible site!

30. Studio Muti

Illustration by Studio Muti

Studio Muti are Clinton Campbell and Min Jonker. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, the duo combine their creative talents to provide a broad spectrum of illustration, typography and design. Their illustrations are fun and eye-catching whilst still maintaining a professional approach.

31. Robert Richter

Illustration by Robert Richter

Robert Richter is an illustrator who hails from Dresden, Germany. His surrealist style immediately catches the eye, often incorporating a strong or political message throughout.

32. Peter Main

Design by Peter Main

Peter Main is a graphic designer and artist from London. Mainly focusing on branding and infographics, he has an eye-catching, modern style with some great typographical elements thrown in.

33. Lauren Herda

Design by Lauren Herda

Lauren Herda is a graphic designer living in Baltimore, Maryland, who is currently working for Bolster Labs. She designs websites and icons with a cartoon-like feel. Very cute.

34. Andrewz (Andrew Zamkovenko)

Pattern by Andrewz

Andrew Zamkovenko hails from Minsk, Belarus and focuses on web and app design. His designs are bold and animated, with strong Photoshop skills also coming into play.

35. David Duff

Poster design by David Duff

David Duff is a Dublin-based graphic designer with experience working in screen, print and information design. In 2010, he won the Zebra poster award and is currently working for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. His work is the perfect blend of typography, colour and imagery.

36. Joey Furr

Illustration by Joey Furr

London-based designer Joey Furr has worked with the likes of Corona, Coca Cola and Virgin Media. He uses Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash to create some cool branding and stand-out logo designs.

37. Felix Hornoiu

Font design by Felix Hornoiu

Felix Hornoiu is a graphic designer from Sacele in Romania. He mainly focuses on typography and illustration based around his love for the graffiti scene.

38. Ryan Slater

Design by Ryan Slater

Texan Ryan Slater describes himself as a 'graphic con-artist'. His prints make an instant impact with their bold lettering and no-nonsense approach. Well worth checking out.

39. Anna Paschenko

Icon by Anna Paschenko

A rookie illustrator, St Petersburg-based Anna Paschenko creates cute and quirky icons for websites and applications. Simplicity is the key when it comes to Anna's designs.

40. Jeffrey Devey

Illustration by Jeffrey Davey

Senior illustrator at Graphic D-Signs, Jeffrey Devey has been a professional designer and illustrator since 1998. Hailing from Twin Falls, Idaho, his designs have a distinct vintage feel.

41. Brian Hurst

Poster design by Brian Hurst

Brian Hurst is a graphic designer based in Southern California. He has worked with the likes of Ethan Hulse, Sevenly and Tim Timmons. His illustrations are colourful interpretations of important issues.

42. Jillian Barthold

Candy pattern by Jillian Barthhold

Jillian Barthold is a Chicago-based creative with focus in graphic design, illustration, and hand-lettering. Her designs ooze innocence with their child-like playfulness.

43. Alex Perez

Accordian by Alex Perez

Alex Perez currently works as an illustrator and graphic designer in Madison, Wisconsin. "With a passion for illustration and custom typography," says his website, "Alex creates mischievously playful designs that contain elements from his surroundings. Influences include friends and family, type specimens, as well as vintage ephemera."

44. Michael Spitz

Type font by Michael Spitz

Michael Spitz is an independent American designer, specializing in identity & brand development, custom typography, illustration, and information design. His designs are curvaceous and fun.

45. Kyle Lambert

Avatar by Kyle Lambert

Hailing from Greensboro, North Carolina, Kyle Lambert is an avid designer and illustrator. He has designed and created numerous websites as well as quirky icons. It's clear he doesn't take himself too seriously which comes through in his playful designs.

47. Eric Merced

Mario by Eric Merced

Eric Merced is a cartoonist who has professionally worked in illustration and comic book art. His take on classic characters such as Link from Zelda and Mario is extremely refreshing and fun.

48. Dustin Wallace

Design by Dustin Wallace

Graphic designer Dustin Wallace resides in Texas and has had his work featured in Communication Arts, Graphis Poster Annual, and Antenna Magazine. Using a reoccurring colouring scheme makes his work instantly recognisable.

49. Bobby McKenna

Design by Bobby McKenna

Hailing from Philadelphia, Bobby McKenna's graphic design and illustration work is unique and inspiring. With several thousand followers, it's clear that Bobby has something special.

50. Emir Ayouni

Web App design by Emir Ayouni

Emir Ayouni is currently residing in Oslo, Norway and works as a web/graphic designer. He is able to present businesses perfectly with his unique style and eye-catching fonts. He has dubbed his work as 'simplexity' - simple designs with a complex touch.

51. Drew Melton

Design by Drew Melton

Drew Melton is a designer based in Grand Rapids, MI. His work has taken off since the start of "The Phraseology Project". He's worked with the likes of Toyota, Saatchi and Saatchi and the Salvation Army.

52. Richie Stewart

Design by Richie Stewart

Designer Richie Stewart hails from Boston, MA and his designs are heavily influenced by skateboarding and punk rock. His logos have that old skool Americana feel which echoes his 'blue-collar' work ethic.

53. Reagan Ray

Design by Reagan Ray

Texan Regan Ray has been designing iconic posters and logos for many years. He's 1/3 of design collective Paravel, 1/2 of website Austin Town Hall and poster creator for The Many Faces of...

54. Trent Walton

Design by Trent Walton

Trent Walton hails from Austin, Texas and is the designer of responsive websites. His concept is 'to think about the web responsively is to think in proportions, not pixels'.

55. Danny Jones

Design by Danny Jones

Californian Danny Jones has a playful edge to his designs and has worked with apparel, websites, journals, film and posters. Even though his fingers are in a lot of pies, his talent is undeniable in every medium.

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